After such a long time


Long time since I last logged in. So many things happened.

I bought myself a notebook so I think I will be able to update more often. What to update?

Hmmmm. Well, Yusuf is going to be 8 months in a few days time. Cepat eh. 8 bulan. I still feel mcm newbie mom. Hahahaha! He is doing well. Alhamdulilah. Dier blom tahu lagik crawl but really enjoys rolling. He will roll pusing2 mcm kebab terlepas dari tangan. He will roll 4-6 rounds at one go. Hahahaha! He is getting really active. He loves to berdiri or when I let him stand on his own while he holds onto the headboard.


His all-time fav is Healthy Times Brown Rice + Milk. Tu 4 tablespoons of Brown Rice powder + 1 tablespoon of milk powder leh kasi abis.

Food he tried:


  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Red apple
  • Mango
  • Avocado
  • Grapes
  • Orange
  • Honeydew
  • Dates


  • Carrots
  • Green beans


  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Egg

Carbo / grains

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Russet potatoes
  • Brown rice (Healthy Times)
  • White rice
  • Barley (Healthy Times)
  • Buckwheat (Healthy Times)

and cheese.

Looking at this, I realised I did not give him much veg. He don’t really like purees. He prefers to eat the food as it is. For example, for fruits, I will mash it in between my fingers and feed him. I will also let him suck on the fruit for him to taste and swallow the juice. For harder fruits like apple, I will let him hold it. For softer fruit like honeydew, I prefer to hold it instead because he might bite a huge chunk. Oh! Yusuf blom ader gigi. Hahaha! He is still my toothless babylove. I’m enjoying his toothless gummy smile. Soon, he will lose another element of a newborn and have cute lil teeth sprouting.

It is 3.30am right now. I have to say that these wee hours are my ‘Me’ time. I will either sleep, catch up on my chores, sew or just be on my hp.

Getting sleepy. This post is really quite lame. Hehe!

I will try updating on cloth diapering and other substantial stuff. As of now, I have an email to send and some stuff for me to clean before I go to sleep. Nights all.

Oh, so sorry for those who wrote and asked me some qns. I did not check the inbox or comments. I have this bad habit of not replying immediately when I read a msg. Like, I will need some time to compose my ans. By the time I realised I have not replied, it will either be so long smpi the convo dh basi or I totally have forgotten abt it. So so sorry.

Okay, gtg. Really need to sleep.

of Useful baby items, unnecessary items and If I’ve known

List of items that are useful:

  • Moses basket


He literally spent his newborn age in our arms or in the basket. I like how portable the basket is. We can easily carry the basket to the living room for the guests to see him if he is sleeping (which is most of the time). The kids will sit and crowd around the basket. Close enough to look and touch Yusuf but Yusuf is still comfortably sleeping in there.

And, we can bring the basket into the room and placed on the bed when I wanted to take a nap. We can put it near the window when we want him to enjoy some sunlight.

We will be keeping the basket for future babies. I bought the basket for $30 from another mom. I washed the beddings. Put in a pillow with a new pillowcase. On top of the pillow, I lay muslin cloth for him to lie on. Pretty comfy and I think he likes it because he feels protected in the basket.

  • Spray bottle

spray bottle spray bottle 2

I do not use any wet tissues to clean him up. If he peed, I will spray clean water from the bottle and wipe him dry using tissue papers. I then change his diaper. If he pooped, I will use dry tissue papers to wipe his poo. I will then repetitively spray the water to really clean him. Spray and wipe. Spray and wipe. Spray and wipe. I spread some tissues under his butt to absorb all that water. (We lay him on a changing pad so it is easy to wipe any excess water).

When he outgrew his newborn stage, after spraying the water and wiping him dry, I will carry him to the sink to wash with a little soap.

If we are outside and he pooped, I will use wet tissues to wipe his poo and then repetitively spray him clean followed wiping him dry. I use wet tissue when we are outside as my bottle spray is smaller and it is faster.

It is just a personal preference- spraying water to wet tissues. He only had diaper rash once for a day when he is a few days old. It is easier on the pocket too since tissue boxes are so much cheaper than wet tissues.

This small spray bottle that I keep in my diaper bag is multi-purpose too. I will spray some water on a small towel and wipe his face. I will spray some on his hands and feet when I want to clean and keep him refreshed.

  • Bottle warmer


I read reviews and some parents claimed that bottle warmer are redundant. As for me, I beg to differ.

During his newborn stage, I gave him alternate breastmilk and formula. He drinks his milk in stages. Drink a little, then stop for 10-15 minutes, then continue again and so on. I just put his bottle in the bottle warmer and the milk is ready whenever he starts to cry. For breastmilk that I pumped, I did not put in warmer as it can lasts for 4 hours.

Saves wastage since his stomach is still fragile and cannot consume lukewarm formula milk. And, you know how babies are. Cry so loud when hungry. Buat semuer org kelam-kabut. Padahal tklah lapar sangat. Baru kasi susu less than an hour ago. So, when he cries, just grab from the bottle warmer. But, I limit his milk to 40 minutes gitu. Kla tk abis, I will throw away.

I usually breastfeed him but there are times I gave him formula at night when I’m too tired. Bottle warmer is like an ultimate prized possession when it comes to night feeding. I will set the temperature in between number 1 and 2. That is the right temperature for Yusuf.

Before sleeping, I will put the warmer and milk canister on the side table. Pour the required amount of boiled water in his bottle. Put the bottle in the warmer. The temperature of that boiled water will come down to that right temperature. When he cries for his milk in the middle of the night, my husband will easily take the bottle out of the warmer, pour his milk powder, swirl the bottle and give it to him. The temperature is just right. No need to walk to the kitchen to prepare his milk. Milk temperature is just right and milk is ready within a minute. Bought this Tommee Tippee warmer for around $60+.

These were the reasons why I did not buy Comotomo bottles because I wanted to use a bottle warmer.

  • Mothercare changing pad


I love how cushiony the pad is. So comfy for the baby. I like that it is white. If the pad is dirty, we just wash it under a running tap and wipe it dry. Low maintenance, easy to clean and so comfy. Bought it at $40, I think.

  • California Baby Calendula Cream


This thing is good! Clears off the tiny spots on his newborn face. Expensive but took nearly 3 months for me to use up a small tub. I also use the cream to rub on his legs and hands after his bath. Initially, I bought Mustela cream for his spots but it did not clear the spots so I bought this instead. And, it smells great. Very mild organic-y smell. Hahahaha! Terrible at describing smell. It just does not smell soapy. Smells mild.

  • Bath support


Makes the whole bathing process less scary and manageable.

  • A good portable changing mat

c mat

I have Kate Spade changing mat and love it. It is thick yet takes a little space when folded. It comes folded so the fold lines are ready, making folding so easy. And, it has a velcro to fasten the mat close when folded. Easy to wipe when dirty. Every once in a while, I rinsed it under a running water and throw it in washing machine.

  • Qoo10 Thyme nursing bras

They are comfy, cheap and decent-looking. Hold up well. I throw them in washing machine and dryer. Still in good condition. Be careful of the clasp though. I was rushing and accidently break the clasp that was on the shoulder. However, it still can be used.

List of items that that are just unnecessary:

  • Babycot

Refer to previous post

  • Nursing pillow

To make it worth my $20+ of buying this pillow, I use this to prob Yusuf now that he is learning how to sit. I did not really use this for nursing because:

That thing is heavy like shit. Hahaha! Like, when you just gave birth, it is so so so so hard to carry that huge heavy pillow.

You would imagine yourself to take that pillow, position it at your waist, take your baby, remove your top and feed him. But, in reality, your baby is screaming his head off. You are struggling to bounce him while trying to whip your top off. You then tried reaching out for that heavy pillow and half sit on your bed and still trying to position that heavy pillow. All that with a baby screaming in your face. Sod that pillow! It is much easier to just lay him in your arms and nurse. Or, just use a normal pillow with a normal reasonable weight that a newly whacked mommy can carry with 1 hand.

  • New Mama Bottom Spray

This thing is expensive! Cos around $29 I think and seriously useless. It has this cucumber-ly smell and feels a little refreshing when sprayed. However, you are supposed to keep your stitch dry. Maybe you are supposed to spray and air-dry your bottom but I have no time for that.

Who have the time to air your bleeding bottom? I find it useless. I used less than 5 sprays. 1 spray which I tried on my hand. I think 2 sprays on my bottom. Then, with my wet bottom, I was thinking, nak buat aper skarang? Pakai sluar dlm, defeats the whole purpose bcos I will wipe it off. Dudok, I’m still bleeding. Berdiri, I’m still bleeding and I’m not going to stand with wet bottom and wait for it to dry up. So, I just wipe it off, wear my underwear and go on with my life.

Wasted my money on this gimmicky stuff. Listened to my makcik and put minyak bubut. That minyak felt soooooo soothing on my painful wound and dries up my sititches well. Just pour some minyak on tissue paper and pat on your wound. Helps a lot. Trust me.

  • Steriliser

My sis gave me her avent steriliser. Did not use it and am glad I did not need to use it. I basically wash all his bottles as soon as I can. I will try not to let the bottles unwashed for a long period of time. For every wash, Iwill use Tollyjoy liquid cleanser. Every alternate days or so, I will pour some hot water in the bottles. Not boiling hot. But, hot water. I will put the teats in a cup and pout the water. Let it sit for 5 minutes and that’s it. I know some people vow on steriliser. I’m a little laid-back kinda mom. My motto for bottles are:

  • Never let the milk turn bad in the bottle. Wash as soon as possible.
  • Wash with liquid cleanser and scrubber
  • Sterilise with hot water on alternate days or so
  • Change bottles and teats every 4-6 months

If I have known, I would:

  • Not over-packed for my hospital bag

I bought so so sooooo many things and that bag is just so big and bulky. I bought 1001 things. For the baby, just need clothes and swaddle.

For myself, I would just pack:

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • strapless bras (Important because your hand will be on IV)
  • sanitary pads because they give you the string type
  • disposable underwear
  • make-up / toiletries
  • hp charger
  • cardigan
  • a bottle of air zamzam (I drank some in midst of pushing)
  • some dates (for tahniq and for me to eat after delivery)
  • a change of clothes
  • necessary documents

That’s it.

For the husband, just pack for him his travel sejadah. I brought for him so many things. Extra shirt, some biscuits and other random stuff. Because I assumed I will have a long labour at night so he might want something to munch on without walking all the way to 7-11. And, I packed some stuff in an event I have C-sects. I was so paranoid that I might need something and I did not bring it. Seriously, I over-packed.

  • Stabilise pumping routine and stock up during maternity leave.

Huge mistake. I did not stock up. Supply dip when I returned to work. So many changes when I’m back at work. Need to catch up on work, need to get used to new routine, need to set up pumping routine at work. Stabilise your pumping routine 1 month before returning back to work.

Awww, writing all these down really makes me want Baby No.2. Hehehe. InshaAllah.

of constant guilt & cot

Am trying not to sound whiny or unappreciative, however, the thought of being a stay-at-home has been playing on mind for the past few months. I know I should be grateful that I’m granted the work-from-home benefit.

The thing is, I just could shake off that guilty feeling. This guilty feeling is really annoying.

When I’m at work, I feel guilty for troubling my mom. When I’m at home, I feel guilty for not giving my best at work. When I spend more time with Yusuf, I feel guilty that my husband could not have the same privilege as me. When I don’t spend that much time with Yusuf, I feel guilty for not soaking up and enjoying his precious babyhood.

I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do to shake off this guilt in my heart. I constantly feel like I’m not squeezing my time well enough.

At the end of the day, I will reflect and judge how well I did on that day. I mean, I’m no supermom, but, I constantly feel like I’m not juggling my stuff well. There are days when I did not iron my husband’s clothes or fix any meals for nearly a week! I just need to manage my time well.

I did buy a slow cooker, though, to make the whole process of food preparation easier for me.

Last week, I managed to clean the house. We eventually threw the cot away. Initially, the idea was to put the cot against the wall and the bed next to it. Yusuf will sleep in the cot yet still within my arm’s reach. However, I breastfed him throughout the night and I find it easier to have him right beside me so I can easily feed him. Moreover, the husband too want to sleep beside him. On top of that, since we are using the ceiling fan, that corner beside the wall mcm blind spot. The wind is not that reachable. So, that cot mcm white elephant.

Hence, we threw that cot away as it was not in a shape to be given away. Good thing, we got it for free. We thought we would need a cot but it is good to know that we do not really need it. Not sure in the future but we will make do without it. Even with future babies, I think we will forgo the cot.

of cluttered mind and wandering soul

Random note: I smell like breastmilk. Anywau, have not even reach work, im already looking forward to going home.

I did my laundry and cleaned the house yesterday. It feels so satisfiying. I have been watching and following loads of stay-at-home moms. Best kan kla boleh bake own roti, cook your own meals, take care of the kids, teach them and be their full-time care-takers.

I should be grateful that I can work from home. It is not so much of not wanting to work. I just feel like I’m wasting my time.

Eversince Yusuf came into our lives, I find time is extra precious. I used to just laze the weekends away and then go to work with no guilt. Now, every minute is precious. Im just tired of this endless cycle. Ive been working for nearly 10years and till now, I can barely count the number of times I’m proud of my job.

This is just a job. Not passionate at all about it. Drag myself to work and live for the weekends. What kind of life is that?

Mid life crisis?

I just want to achieve my goals which have been sitting on my things-I-want-to-achieve list . These goals, I have been wanting them since I was in primary school. Till now, I have made a lil progress but I have still a long way to go.

I feel like Im wasting my energy on unnecessary things instead of channeling them to what is worth-while.

Anyway, I’m really ranting and not making much sense.

I want to go back. Figuratively and literally.

of breastfeeding journey


Nowadays, my head is jam-packed with stuff. I feel as though there are hundreds of tabs being opened at the same time.

First thing first, my baby refused to latch! Aaarrghhhh!!! Ever since I returned from Bangkok (first time separated from Yusuf), he just refused to latch. He will scream, gag and push away. What happened to my lil babyyyy??



He is also having trouble drinking his milk from his bottle. He will drink for a while, then, push the bottle away and cry.

I will pujuk, he will drink a little bit, push the bottle and then cry. I will then pujuk again. This continues until he finishes his milk.

I just don’t know why is he acting that way. Is it because I changed his bottle teats to varied flow? Before this, he is using Tommee Tippee 0+ teats. I’ve decided to try and change the teats to varied flow since he is already 3+ mths and might be ready for a faster flow. I specifically chosen the varied flow as it is more breastfeeding-friendly so that we can hopefully prevent nipple confusion. Is because the flow is too fast?

Few days back, we bought 3+ teats just to see which is his preference (0+, 3+ or varied flow). Hopefully after trying the different flows, we will eventually find out which is comfortable for him and he will drink without much fuss.

So now, he totally rejects breastfeeding and fusses when given bottle.

Seriously, I really want to settle this matter ASAP.


Back to breastfeeding.

Possible reasons of him rejecting breastfeeding: 

1) Preference to bottle due to faster flow

2) Am pregnant? Checked and I’m not

3) Ear infection? Will check with the doctor during his DA

4) Low milk supply. Impatience.

Yupz, I’m having low supply now. Ever since I returned to work, my supply are getting lesser each day. Maybe because I was not pumping quite often at work. Nak pump 3 kali during office hours is really hard seh. 1 session around 20 mins inclusive of washing etc. First few weeks, I manage to follow this schedule. After some time, it gets busier and harder to go for my pump sessions.

It gets demoralising when I pumped and only get like 60ml. Which is good enough but as days goes by, it gets lesser and lesser. At times, I choose not to pump because it gets plain demoralising and it will affect my mood.

So, I’m in this sad cycle. I know pumping and latching control the supply but baby don’t want to latch and mummy gets demoralised to pump. Lesser latching & pumping sessions = ever lesser milk

I bought habatul sauda but have not try it. I don’t know. I feel like I’m so occupied sampai every night luper nak mkn habatul sauda & fenugreek.

I always intend to pump at night after putting him to sleep. But, by the time he slept and I finished doing my chores, I will be too tired to pump. All I want to do is crash on my bed.

Hari2 bawak my Spectra breast pump home so I can do a midnight pump. However, every night, I will be too tired to pump. Then, the next day I will bring that pump back again to work to pump for a miserly 1 session.

I’m pushing myself to pump. I hate pumping. I prefer direct latching due to the bonding. I feel so mechanical when pumping. But, I will try lah. Salute to exclusive pumping moms out there. I feel pumping is too time-consuming. Maybe, I feel that way because the milk I got is just too little. Thus, it is not a rewarding experience.


So, it gets a lil frustrating when he refuses to latch. My baby who used to snuggle up to me and finds comfort in me now refuses to latch. Am trying to keep my emotions under control and stay practical. Am trying to pacify myself. Kla tknk latch, no big deal. Just give formula. But, this mummy heart of mine just want to cry!

I had a hard breastfeeding journey. I have cracked nipples when he was a few days old. My body wanted to give up on breastfeeding but I continued because I really want to do this.

I’ve spent a lot on breastfeeding items and pumps. I’ve been reading on breastfeeding throughout my pregnancy and watched lots of videos. After all these efforts, tk kan nak give up. So, I continued.

Then, two weeks after giving birth, I wanted to give up because his latching was still very bad. His latching made my nipples sore and his first few suckles can make my toes curled in pain. My whole body will tense up from the shooting pain.

On top of that, he had growth spurt and his feeding frequency increased. I was so tired from pumping and latching. I was so so so tired. Penat tk kesah. Penat and sakit is really a bad combo.

I pumped to give my nipples a break from his poor latching. I latch so that we can practice and improve his latching.

My husband told me it is okay to give up breastfeeding. Giving total formula is not that bad.

I have no issues with formula or its content. But, what I yearn is that breastfeeding bonding between mother and child. That is what pushes me every single time. That sweet vulnerable face looking at me while latching. That moment when we just stare into each other’s eyes. I knew how special those moments felt and I want to feel it again and again.

So, I continued. His latching improved and we got into this beautiful momentum. I feed on demand and all was great. It was so so so easy.

When he was 3 months, he had thrush in his mouth due to the antibiotics the PD gave. I then had shooting pains in my breasts. It was painful but he still latches and few weeks later, all was good.

Until now.

Now, he totally refuses to latch and my supply is really low! Seems like my breastfeeding journey is coming to an end. I will eat supplements and continue pumping. See how it goes. I’m telling myself to continue my efforts but to be mentally and EMOTIONALLY prepared for it to end.

At least dapat raser nikmat menyusukan anak. 4 bulan jer but better than nothing right? Org lain lagik tkder chance to do from Day 1. It’s okay yura. *cry*. Be strong lil heart.

of this shit

I have been dragging my feet to work lately. I should be grateful that I need to go to work 3 times weekly. Instead of having 2 days with Yusuf on the weekends, I now only need to be separated from him for 2 days.

I am utterly grateful for this arrangement. Somehow, I cannot shake this guilt. I feel guilty for having this benefit as compared to my colleagues. Then again, my colleagues can come late or go back early if they need to. I still feel guilty for passing my son to my mom for her to take care of him. I don’t know. I feel I should be the one taking care of him 100%. I don’t know how other moms do it. I’m sure they dread separating from their little ones. I just find it so so so hard.

My work is not that bad. In fact, as long as I do my work well, I’m good. But, I just hate being separated with Yusuf. To make it worse, my colleagues aren’t exactly in the same wavelength as I am. All of them are males except for 1 girl who is also very boyish. I mean, I can work with them. It is just that I feel lonely because we don’t really have much in common.

I realised my circle of friends are shrinking. Most of them have their own children so it is hard to meet up. I totally understand that. When you are full-time working mom, weekends are special. You do not want to spend your precious time to hang out with your girlfriends. We do meet up occasionally but on a daily basis, it gets a little lonely for me.

I do have friends that we chatted once every few days but I don’t know, I still feel lonely. I feel like I’m the only one struggling to understand my separation anxiety. I want to have my time alone yet I want to be with Yusuf all the time. I just cannot shake off this mummy mode.

My husband and I went to Bangkok last few weeks with his friends. It was so nice to be in a different environment. I slept the whole night through and even took long naps in the afternoons! It was nice to be on my own and not worry about Yusuf and what to bring or constantly keeping track of his last feeding time or checking his diaper.

On the other hand, I was constantly missing him and have thoughts of him. I still pumped and brought back the EBM for him.

Right now, I feel so alive when I’m with Yusuf. I enjoy kissing and smelling him. I enjoy bathing him. I enjoy playing with him. On certain days, especially when it was raining, we would just read some books and cuddle in bed the whole day. Real nikmat.

But then again, it is not fair for me to enjoy all these while my husband work so hard. He is the dad and he too want to have luxury to spend time with Yusuf. Yes, indeed time is our luxury now. So much to do, so little time. Wait, time ader cumer I think we are just not prioritising our time.

Sometimes, I wonder, why are we leading our lives like some lab rat? Following whatever it is thrown to us?

We work so hard for long hours to pay for a house which is so expensive. Kla not for the house cpf, I believe we can afford for me to be a stay-at-home mom. I hate the high standard of living in here. I can’t spend more time with my son because I have atrociously high-priced house to pay. Don’t start on the house. It is not even ours in the first place. We are not the owners. We are just the lessees. And, the stress and cover-our-own-ass-or you-will-be-eaten environment at work. Like, urrghhh!! Why can’t we just have a decent-priced house which we can pay one-off and just work happily without all these politics and constant competition?

It is true. We are working so hard for long hours to pay for a ridiculously highly-inflated house.

With the remaining time left during weekends, we must squeezed in jam-packed malls or public transport so that we can enjoy a little bit of our pay on some nice meals or treat ourselves to something.

Come Monday, it is a rat race all over again. Parents have to submit their little ones to care-takers or centres for them to take care while we parents become slaves to consumerism, materialism and ridiculous high standard of living. Seriously, I’m tired of this shit. But, the reality is, we are stuck in this cycle. We can migrate but leave our extended families behind? Nope. And, I have to admit, I am not a risk-taker.

Like I’ve said, I’m tired of living in this shit.

of his room and our house

I’ve updated Babylove’s room a little to make it friendlier for him. I’ve pasted hijaiyyah decals that I bought from IG Mintymoi on the wall. The mirror has not been screwed / drilled to the wall. That is the husband’s expertise to make it baby-safe. Ni cumer testing2. Gonna add more things to the wall as we move along. Still intend to do the sensory wall and buy Melissa & Doug hinge board. Maybe add alphabetical sandpaper flashcards or animal silhouette. So many possibilities and learning opportunities! InshaAllah, I hope and doa that I will be consistent in nurturing him. Istiqomah.

IMAG0869 IMAG0870 IMAG0872 IMAG0874

The living room has been hijacked by Babylove. Can you tell we have a baby in the house? Hahahha! I keep toys and books in the shelf behind the sofa so that it is more accessible and I think it is nicer to hide the back of our recliner sofa. I want to add backings to the shelf to make it prettier.



Slow progress, that’s how we roll. Hahaha!

of new changes

There are some changes in regards to my work. I wanted to tender because time spent with Babylove is just so limited. For that few weeks of working, I feel as though I lost touch what is happening in his life. I only get to bathe him on the weekends. Simple things like the number of times I change his diapers or clean him after his berak session can be counted with my hands. So sedih. Like, I’m his mom but I’m not doing much. Looking at how tired my mom is at the end of the day just add to my guilt. She have lots to do. So unfair for her to take care of Babylove while I go to work. I know she is sincere but I just feel so bad. For her. For Yusuf.

After weeks of dreadful guilt, I decided to just tender with an intention of doing some side-line to gain income. It was all well-planned out and I was ready to jump. My managers then rejected my resignation and offered to allow me to work from home. I was elated lah! Alhamdulilah. I love my current job. Wait, I don’t really love it. I just have no issue with it. No bitchy colleagues, no stupid politics or heavy workload. Equal balance of paperwork and site inspection. I’m happy with my pay.  Kind of a dream job if you were to compare to my previous experiences.

So, to be able to keep the job and spend time with my son is just so unbelievably great news. Alhamdulilah. Now, I go to work 3 times a week. Which is great for me. I sincerely believe that more companies should give their employees some flexibilities or a choice to work from home. That 2 days of taking care of Babylove plays a huge difference.

I’m trying to have a routine now. Our routine mcm went haywire ever since I started working. Semuer kelam-kabut. Bender all over. Need to get hold of my life. I drafted a time-table. Will try to follow it as much as I can, especially now that Babylove is more alert and I have started doing flashcards with him. I’m also playing this CD Juz Amma which is very slow and repetitive. The CD is intentionally made for memorising purposes.

Anyway, I’m not really well-versed in ukhrawi knowledge. I guess that is the main reason why I’m starting early. Because I have lots to learn in order to teach Babylove.

Anyway, I intend to do some plastering work to my kitchen walls. If you have any contacts or recommendations, please pm me k. Really appreciate it because I have a hard time trying to get some contacts. And, I’m pressed for time. It is always like that. I have this intention of doing plastering ever since we have the house. But, it is listed somewhere in the ‘future’ list. Suddenly, mcm dh rimas and just want to do it now. Now! Patience is really not my best trait. So, help me if you have any contacts yer.

of his education and future plans

Now that Babylove is 3 months old, I am slowly trying to introduce flashcards and more activities in his playtime.

His current nursery room is not infant-friendly.

This is his room before he was born. I am slowly trying to make it more educational & infant-friendly.







I bought:

  • Hijaiyyah mat from BuatsiManja (Instagram)
  • Hijaiyyah flashcard from an Ustaz
  • Hijaiyyah sandpaper flashcard from Right to Learn
  • Arabic number sandpaper flashcard from Right to Learn
  • Lowercase alphabet sandpaper flashcard from Right to Learn
  • Uppercase alphabet sandpaper flashcard from Right to Learn.
  • Hijaiyyah rainbow fathah flashfelt from MintyMoi (Instagram)
  • Hijaiyyah decals for his room  from MintyMoi (Instagram)

He have several clothbooks and normal books. Been reading to him every day. Will buy more books since we have been reading the same 9 books. I bought several toys from the Baby Fair few weeks back.

Anyway, back to his room, this is my plan for his room.

My plan for his room:

  • Both my sis will buy Alzipmat for him as a present
  • Place a mirror next to the mat for him to learn and watch himself
  • Make a sensory wall. Will buy several kind of textured materials and paste on wall.

sensory wallImage from

  • Buy that Melissa & Doug lock and hinge activity board.


Image from

  • A box or crate for his books since I don’t fancy drilling a spice rack or shelf as this room will constantly evolve as he grow. Nothing permanent on the wall.

crate box

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  • Paste the decal on a black circular cardstock and paste it on the wall. Might laminate it so can last longer.

That’s all, I guess. I try not to buy too many toys. So far, we have not bought any toys. Semuer yang dier ader are hands-me-down from my sis.

I target to finish doing up his room by end of May or mid June.

I’m kind of worried for his development. Hahahaha! I know he is only 3 months old but this is the time when he absorbs so much!

I really wanted to enrol him in a madrassah when he starts Primary School. My husband and I are not from a Madrassah background. We are intimidated by their curriculum especially all the hafalan and Arabic lessons. We did asked a family member how she managed to educate her child till he got a place in Madrassah Irsyad. She told me that their Primary 1 qualifying test is manageable if he is doing well in his Madrassah kindergarten. I have taken a look at some samples and I myself am intimidated by the questions! Stressed makcik!

If only I can stay at home and spend more time with him. To a certain extent, I believe a full-time mom can really educate her children. We are making plans to allow me to be a stay-at-home-mom / working part-time in a few years time.

I find it really sad to only be able to spend a few hours with our son on weekdays. Really sad at the state of young parents in Singapore. Can’t spend much time with our children since our basic need such as housing in Singapore is downright expensive. Cannot afford on single income.

We can sloth long hours at work and spend limited time with our children or somehow find a solution to this dreadful situation. Not only will we miss their milestones but their needs might end up neglected, especially their educational development. InshaAllah, we will work this out and I will be able to spend more time with him and future sibling? Hehehehehe. InshaAllah. Doakan yer.

NUH hospital bill & finance


I did say I wanted to take up EMMa service. However, at ard 5th-6th of pregnancy, I decided not take up EMMa. I attended NUH antenatal class and it answered all my enquiries. I am glad I did not take it up because my labour was very rushing and last minute. After entering the delivery suite, I straightaway pushed the baby out. I came to delivery suite at 7.50 am and the baby was out at 9.05am.

So, if I have taken the EMMa service, I would have wasted my money. At NUH, they will teach you how to bathe you baby before you discharged and they have 24hrs lactation hotline.

Thus, for pre-delivery, you can take antenatal class at NUH to ask about their protocols, SOPs and all the qns you have. Post-delivery, you don’t really need EMMa service since they already provide for you. For EMMa, in my opinion, you only fully utilise it for the labouring period.


For polyclinic, each appt costs $17.

For NUH, each appt costs $33.

Polyclinic referaral letter cost $11

1st appointment at NUH cost $90

12th week detailed scan cost $200 (detailed scan + consultation + blood test) (I did not take up Oscar scan) (Not inclusive of vitamins since someone gave me hers as she had miscarriage)

20th week detailed scan costs $145 (detailed scan + consultation + I request for vaginal swab which also test for Grp B streptococcus. I need not do the test again when I’m in last trimester)

You can roughly calculate the total cost by estimation. Oh! I did not include glucose test. Most of the time, your appt is scheduled monthly. You appts will then be more frequent during last few weeks.

For the delivery, I chose 6 bedders. At NUH, from what I observed, there is a ward that caters to obstetrics & gynaecology. The ward itself is has a controlled security. Visitors must press bell to enter ward.

The first half of the ward is for 4-bedders. It is air-conditioned and has a door to enter the room. At back part of the ward, there are 2 rooms of 6 bedders, 1 room of 8 bedders & nursery. The toilet for 6 bedders is in the room inside. The toilet for 8 bedders is outside the room, opposite the corridor. The nurses and nursery are the same for the whole ward.

Thus, in my opinion, not much difference if you take up 8 bedders if you want to save money.

Upon reaching delivery suite, you will need to pay some deposit. (I did not pay any deposit because we were rushed in since I was already pushing).

After delivery, the hospital will deduct $1.5k from your medisave. After the hospital calculate your bill, if it is more than $1.5k + your deposit, you will top up by cash. If it less, they will reimburse by cheque.

Mine was around $750. I did not take epidural and gas. I stayed for 1 night. They then reimburse the balance $750 by cheque.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was worried for the medical bill. I heard it will cost thousands of dollars + all the things that I need to buy for the baby. So, I was stalking the net for some reference. Mostly is for private hospital. So, here is my feedback! Hope it helps you MTBs.

You know, I always hear org tua2 ckp anak tu rezki and anak have their own rezki and we should not be worried as to whether kiter mampu tak nak ader anak. From my experience, it is true. Everything is well-taken care of. I can even claim my monthly appts invoice from my HR. Alhamdulilah. Hospital bill is affordable if you choose the cheaper alternatives. Alhamdulilah, Allah allow me to breastfeed, orang kasi diapers and loads of samples. No need to buy travel-size lotions or diaper rash cream or that kind of stuff. You can just use the samples bottles and put them in you diaper bag.

Nak buat kenduri cukur rambut pon affordable. Sedare2 kasi mee, cakes & kuih-muih etc. Everything is so easy. Alhamdulilah. MTBs, don’t stressed out pasal finance. InshaAllah, everything will be okay and just enjoy your pregnancy. But, must save up also lahhh.

Oh! As a new mom, I truly appreciate it when my husband’s colleagues called and asked what type of diapers my son used and they bought 4 packets for us. I think it is better than giving clothes. Tapi, clothes pon tk kesah. I always give new mom clothes because they are so fun to buy. Maybe, can ask what the parents need. Anyway, till next time.