of diaper and formula milk

Hello hello,


When I was preparing for Babylove’s arrival, I only bought 1 packet of NB Pet Pet to see whether it suits him. Alhamdulilah, he is a flexible and low-maintenance baby.

When he was a few days old, he had some red spots. I put some Mustela diaper cream and it cleared up the next day. After that incident, he did not have any diaper rash. Alhamdulilah. I heard, boys tend to not get diaper rash as compared to girls.

We received a packet of diapers from the hospital and a lot of sample packs. My parents bought a packet of NB drypers and NB pet pet. On top of that, his colleagues gave us 4 big packs of diapers. 2 packs of NB Mamypoko and 2 packs of S huggies.

He used all the sample packs because we wanted to know which is the most suitable for him and stick to that brand. We had narrowed our choice to Japanese brand because I read so many good reviews on them. And, we try not to support certain brands due to political boycotting. Anyway, it was fun trying out the diapers and comparing the sizes. Some diapers have really cute prints on them.

Basically, in my opinion, pet pet, huggies, drypers and pampers are of narrower cut. Mamypoko had a wider cut. Can refer to these links for more comprehensive comparison.



He is okay with all the diapers. No rash or whatsoever. Mamypoko has this wet indicator which is very helpful because you can easily know how wet his diaper is. Initially, I thought this is such a trivial point. You just change the diaper when it is every 4 hours. No need for this indicator. But, once you are a mom, you will be paranoid and worry about small little things. It is nice to know how wet his diaper is.

The indicator is vertical yellow at the crotch area. The line is yellow when is not used yet. It will turn blue when the baby peed. The longer the blue on the line is, the more he had peed. So, mcm best when you can gauge how much he had peed. Welcome to motherhood! HAHAHA!

After trying all the free samples and the diapers we received, we decided to stick to Mamypoko! Reason being it is a Japanese brand, of wide cut, has an indicator, nice packaging and prints on them (yupz, I can be shallow at times).

Price-wise, I leave it to the husband to compare. I have no patience to calculate how much each piece cost and compare with other brands. He then compare the price of a piece Mamypoko diaper from different shops. He discovered from his intense research that the kedai from our neighbourhood shop is the cheapest. Hahahaha! Suker hati lah. All I know is, there are diapers for my son to wear.

When my son was about 1+mth, he kept wetting his shirt near the waist area. In the middle of the night, I will teraser his baju basah and will need to change his diaper and pyjamas and it will wakes him up and he will cry and I will need to soothe him. The whole episode will take nearly an hour.  Kalau dier berak, his poo will flow from his peha. Stain his pants and I will need to hand wash it. Really leceh. I will need to change the bedsheet too. There was once his poop overflowed and dirty his onesies and pants when we were outside. Wah! Messy affair.

I realised that he is outgrowing his NB Mamypoko although his weight is still within the NB range. We then proceeded to change his diapers to S Mamypoko. Oh! Make sure your son’s penis is pointing downwards. Hahaha! Words a mom would use on daily basis. Penis, poop, breast, nipples etc. Hahahha!!

So, till now, he is still using S Mamypoko. There, that was how we decided on his diapers. He used around 7-8 diapers daily since we change his diaper every 3-4 hours.

Milk Powder

He is 80% on breastmilk. We introduced formula when he was 4 days old because he kept crying and I had no confidence with my colostrum and breastmilk and my nipples were cracking. I was in total pain and he was hungry. So, we introduced formula. Of course, I prefer breastmilk. Susu Allah buat is definitely better than susu manusia buat. But, I’m not against formula. If no choice, what to do.

My husband bought Enfamil. He just stared at the shelf and bought what is most expensive since it is most promising. Fikiran consumerism. Hahahaha! I strongly think my son has his father’s appetite. Semuer boleh and tak cerewet. When I was pregnant, I ate everything! Semuer raser sedap and I was open to trying new food. I ate petai, egg yolk, taugeh with much delight! Skarang, I’m back to my normal tastebuds.

Anyway, my son mcm his dad, tk cerewet. He took to Enfamil well. I was still pumping breastmilk and alternate breastmilk and formula. My nipples can stand pumping. They cannot take the baby’s suction though.

It took him 1 month to finish up his Enfamil. We then bought Karihome Goat’s milk. After much reading on goat’s milk, I like the idea of giving him goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk. Just taking the off-beaten path and not follow the crowd. Tak nak mainstream gitu. Hahahaha!

He took it well but did not poop for 2 days. Paranoid us blamed it on the new milk powder and decided to just listen to our parents and buy S26. He is still drinking 20% formula and there are days when he did not poop for 2 days too. So, I think it is not Karihome’s fault. Hahaha! We did not return back to drinking Karihome because they only have 0-6mth and then jump to 1-3years. So, we are still sticking to S26.

I’m glad he got his appetite from his dad. He drinks all the 3 brands of formula we gave him, my chilled and frozen breastmilk too. Alhamdulilah. I was worried he reject my frozen breastmilk. Anyway, that will be in other post. Tired already. Hahahaha! Bye!

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