NUH hospital bill & finance


I did say I wanted to take up EMMa service. However, at ard 5th-6th of pregnancy, I decided not take up EMMa. I attended NUH antenatal class and it answered all my enquiries. I am glad I did not take it up because my labour was very rushing and last minute. After entering the delivery suite, I straightaway pushed the baby out. I came to delivery suite at 7.50 am and the baby was out at 9.05am.

So, if I have taken the EMMa service, I would have wasted my money. At NUH, they will teach you how to bathe you baby before you discharged and they have 24hrs lactation hotline.

Thus, for pre-delivery, you can take antenatal class at NUH to ask about their protocols, SOPs and all the qns you have. Post-delivery, you don’t really need EMMa service since they already provide for you. For EMMa, in my opinion, you only fully utilise it for the labouring period.


For polyclinic, each appt costs $17.

For NUH, each appt costs $33.

Polyclinic referaral letter cost $11

1st appointment at NUH cost $90

12th week detailed scan cost $200 (detailed scan + consultation + blood test) (I did not take up Oscar scan) (Not inclusive of vitamins since someone gave me hers as she had miscarriage)

20th week detailed scan costs $145 (detailed scan + consultation + I request for vaginal swab which also test for Grp B streptococcus. I need not do the test again when I’m in last trimester)

You can roughly calculate the total cost by estimation. Oh! I did not include glucose test. Most of the time, your appt is scheduled monthly. You appts will then be more frequent during last few weeks.

For the delivery, I chose 6 bedders. At NUH, from what I observed, there is a ward that caters to obstetrics & gynaecology. The ward itself is has a controlled security. Visitors must press bell to enter ward.

The first half of the ward is for 4-bedders. It is air-conditioned and has a door to enter the room. At back part of the ward, there are 2 rooms of 6 bedders, 1 room of 8 bedders & nursery. The toilet for 6 bedders is in the room inside. The toilet for 8 bedders is outside the room, opposite the corridor. The nurses and nursery are the same for the whole ward.

Thus, in my opinion, not much difference if you take up 8 bedders if you want to save money.

Upon reaching delivery suite, you will need to pay some deposit. (I did not pay any deposit because we were rushed in since I was already pushing).

After delivery, the hospital will deduct $1.5k from your medisave. After the hospital calculate your bill, if it is more than $1.5k + your deposit, you will top up by cash. If it less, they will reimburse by cheque.

Mine was around $750. I did not take epidural and gas. I stayed for 1 night. They then reimburse the balance $750 by cheque.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was worried for the medical bill. I heard it will cost thousands of dollars + all the things that I need to buy for the baby. So, I was stalking the net for some reference. Mostly is for private hospital. So, here is my feedback! Hope it helps you MTBs.

You know, I always hear org tua2 ckp anak tu rezki and anak have their own rezki and we should not be worried as to whether kiter mampu tak nak ader anak. From my experience, it is true. Everything is well-taken care of. I can even claim my monthly appts invoice from my HR. Alhamdulilah. Hospital bill is affordable if you choose the cheaper alternatives. Alhamdulilah, Allah allow me to breastfeed, orang kasi diapers and loads of samples. No need to buy travel-size lotions or diaper rash cream or that kind of stuff. You can just use the samples bottles and put them in you diaper bag.

Nak buat kenduri cukur rambut pon affordable. Sedare2 kasi mee, cakes & kuih-muih etc. Everything is so easy. Alhamdulilah. MTBs, don’t stressed out pasal finance. InshaAllah, everything will be okay and just enjoy your pregnancy. But, must save up also lahhh.

Oh! As a new mom, I truly appreciate it when my husband’s colleagues called and asked what type of diapers my son used and they bought 4 packets for us. I think it is better than giving clothes. Tapi, clothes pon tk kesah. I always give new mom clothes because they are so fun to buy. Maybe, can ask what the parents need. Anyway, till next time.


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