of his room and our house

I’ve updated Babylove’s room a little to make it friendlier for him. I’ve pasted hijaiyyah decals that I bought from IG Mintymoi on the wall. The mirror has not been screwed / drilled to the wall. That is the husband’s expertise to make it baby-safe. Ni cumer testing2. Gonna add more things to the wall as we move along. Still intend to do the sensory wall and buy Melissa & Doug hinge board. Maybe add alphabetical sandpaper flashcards or animal silhouette. So many possibilities and learning opportunities! InshaAllah, I hope and doa that I will be consistent in nurturing him. Istiqomah.

IMAG0869 IMAG0870 IMAG0872 IMAG0874

The living room has been hijacked by Babylove. Can you tell we have a baby in the house? Hahahha! I keep toys and books in the shelf behind the sofa so that it is more accessible and I think it is nicer to hide the back of our recliner sofa. I want to add backings to the shelf to make it prettier.



Slow progress, that’s how we roll. Hahaha!


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