of Useful baby items, unnecessary items and If I’ve known

List of items that are useful:

  • Moses basket


He literally spent his newborn age in our arms or in the basket. I like how portable the basket is. We can easily carry the basket to the living room for the guests to see him if he is sleeping (which is most of the time). The kids will sit and crowd around the basket. Close enough to look and touch Yusuf but Yusuf is still comfortably sleeping in there.

And, we can bring the basket into the room and placed on the bed when I wanted to take a nap. We can put it near the window when we want him to enjoy some sunlight.

We will be keeping the basket for future babies. I bought the basket for $30 from another mom. I washed the beddings. Put in a pillow with a new pillowcase. On top of the pillow, I lay muslin cloth for him to lie on. Pretty comfy and I think he likes it because he feels protected in the basket.

  • Spray bottle

spray bottle spray bottle 2

I do not use any wet tissues to clean him up. If he peed, I will spray clean water from the bottle and wipe him dry using tissue papers. I then change his diaper. If he pooped, I will use dry tissue papers to wipe his poo. I will then repetitively spray the water to really clean him. Spray and wipe. Spray and wipe. Spray and wipe. I spread some tissues under his butt to absorb all that water. (We lay him on a changing pad so it is easy to wipe any excess water).

When he outgrew his newborn stage, after spraying the water and wiping him dry, I will carry him to the sink to wash with a little soap.

If we are outside and he pooped, I will use wet tissues to wipe his poo and then repetitively spray him clean followed wiping him dry. I use wet tissue when we are outside as my bottle spray is smaller and it is faster.

It is just a personal preference- spraying water to wet tissues. He only had diaper rash once for a day when he is a few days old. It is easier on the pocket too since tissue boxes are so much cheaper than wet tissues.

This small spray bottle that I keep in my diaper bag is multi-purpose too. I will spray some water on a small towel and wipe his face. I will spray some on his hands and feet when I want to clean and keep him refreshed.

  • Bottle warmer


I read reviews and some parents claimed that bottle warmer are redundant. As for me, I beg to differ.

During his newborn stage, I gave him alternate breastmilk and formula. He drinks his milk in stages. Drink a little, then stop for 10-15 minutes, then continue again and so on. I just put his bottle in the bottle warmer and the milk is ready whenever he starts to cry. For breastmilk that I pumped, I did not put in warmer as it can lasts for 4 hours.

Saves wastage since his stomach is still fragile and cannot consume lukewarm formula milk. And, you know how babies are. Cry so loud when hungry. Buat semuer org kelam-kabut. Padahal tklah lapar sangat. Baru kasi susu less than an hour ago. So, when he cries, just grab from the bottle warmer. But, I limit his milk to 40 minutes gitu. Kla tk abis, I will throw away.

I usually breastfeed him but there are times I gave him formula at night when I’m too tired. Bottle warmer is like an ultimate prized possession when it comes to night feeding. I will set the temperature in between number 1 and 2. That is the right temperature for Yusuf.

Before sleeping, I will put the warmer and milk canister on the side table. Pour the required amount of boiled water in his bottle. Put the bottle in the warmer. The temperature of that boiled water will come down to that right temperature. When he cries for his milk in the middle of the night, my husband will easily take the bottle out of the warmer, pour his milk powder, swirl the bottle and give it to him. The temperature is just right. No need to walk to the kitchen to prepare his milk. Milk temperature is just right and milk is ready within a minute. Bought this Tommee Tippee warmer for around $60+.

These were the reasons why I did not buy Comotomo bottles because I wanted to use a bottle warmer.

  • Mothercare changing pad


I love how cushiony the pad is. So comfy for the baby. I like that it is white. If the pad is dirty, we just wash it under a running tap and wipe it dry. Low maintenance, easy to clean and so comfy. Bought it at $40, I think.

  • California Baby Calendula Cream


This thing is good! Clears off the tiny spots on his newborn face. Expensive but took nearly 3 months for me to use up a small tub. I also use the cream to rub on his legs and hands after his bath. Initially, I bought Mustela cream for his spots but it did not clear the spots so I bought this instead. And, it smells great. Very mild organic-y smell. Hahahaha! Terrible at describing smell. It just does not smell soapy. Smells mild.

  • Bath support


Makes the whole bathing process less scary and manageable.

  • A good portable changing mat

c mat

I have Kate Spade changing mat and love it. It is thick yet takes a little space when folded. It comes folded so the fold lines are ready, making folding so easy. And, it has a velcro to fasten the mat close when folded. Easy to wipe when dirty. Every once in a while, I rinsed it under a running water and throw it in washing machine.

  • Qoo10 Thyme nursing bras

They are comfy, cheap and decent-looking. Hold up well. I throw them in washing machine and dryer. Still in good condition. Be careful of the clasp though. I was rushing and accidently break the clasp that was on the shoulder. However, it still can be used.

List of items that that are just unnecessary:

  • Babycot

Refer to previous post

  • Nursing pillow

To make it worth my $20+ of buying this pillow, I use this to prob Yusuf now that he is learning how to sit. I did not really use this for nursing because:

That thing is heavy like shit. Hahaha! Like, when you just gave birth, it is so so so so hard to carry that huge heavy pillow.

You would imagine yourself to take that pillow, position it at your waist, take your baby, remove your top and feed him. But, in reality, your baby is screaming his head off. You are struggling to bounce him while trying to whip your top off. You then tried reaching out for that heavy pillow and half sit on your bed and still trying to position that heavy pillow. All that with a baby screaming in your face. Sod that pillow! It is much easier to just lay him in your arms and nurse. Or, just use a normal pillow with a normal reasonable weight that a newly whacked mommy can carry with 1 hand.

  • New Mama Bottom Spray

This thing is expensive! Cos around $29 I think and seriously useless. It has this cucumber-ly smell and feels a little refreshing when sprayed. However, you are supposed to keep your stitch dry. Maybe you are supposed to spray and air-dry your bottom but I have no time for that.

Who have the time to air your bleeding bottom? I find it useless. I used less than 5 sprays. 1 spray which I tried on my hand. I think 2 sprays on my bottom. Then, with my wet bottom, I was thinking, nak buat aper skarang? Pakai sluar dlm, defeats the whole purpose bcos I will wipe it off. Dudok, I’m still bleeding. Berdiri, I’m still bleeding and I’m not going to stand with wet bottom and wait for it to dry up. So, I just wipe it off, wear my underwear and go on with my life.

Wasted my money on this gimmicky stuff. Listened to my makcik and put minyak bubut. That minyak felt soooooo soothing on my painful wound and dries up my sititches well. Just pour some minyak on tissue paper and pat on your wound. Helps a lot. Trust me.

  • Steriliser

My sis gave me her avent steriliser. Did not use it and am glad I did not need to use it. I basically wash all his bottles as soon as I can. I will try not to let the bottles unwashed for a long period of time. For every wash, Iwill use Tollyjoy liquid cleanser. Every alternate days or so, I will pour some hot water in the bottles. Not boiling hot. But, hot water. I will put the teats in a cup and pout the water. Let it sit for 5 minutes and that’s it. I know some people vow on steriliser. I’m a little laid-back kinda mom. My motto for bottles are:

  • Never let the milk turn bad in the bottle. Wash as soon as possible.
  • Wash with liquid cleanser and scrubber
  • Sterilise with hot water on alternate days or so
  • Change bottles and teats every 4-6 months

If I have known, I would:

  • Not over-packed for my hospital bag

I bought so so sooooo many things and that bag is just so big and bulky. I bought 1001 things. For the baby, just need clothes and swaddle.

For myself, I would just pack:

  • 2 pairs of socks
  • strapless bras (Important because your hand will be on IV)
  • sanitary pads because they give you the string type
  • disposable underwear
  • make-up / toiletries
  • hp charger
  • cardigan
  • a bottle of air zamzam (I drank some in midst of pushing)
  • some dates (for tahniq and for me to eat after delivery)
  • a change of clothes
  • necessary documents

That’s it.

For the husband, just pack for him his travel sejadah. I brought for him so many things. Extra shirt, some biscuits and other random stuff. Because I assumed I will have a long labour at night so he might want something to munch on without walking all the way to 7-11. And, I packed some stuff in an event I have C-sects. I was so paranoid that I might need something and I did not bring it. Seriously, I over-packed.

  • Stabilise pumping routine and stock up during maternity leave.

Huge mistake. I did not stock up. Supply dip when I returned to work. So many changes when I’m back at work. Need to catch up on work, need to get used to new routine, need to set up pumping routine at work. Stabilise your pumping routine 1 month before returning back to work.

Awww, writing all these down really makes me want Baby No.2. Hehehe. InshaAllah.


4 thoughts on “of Useful baby items, unnecessary items and If I’ve known

  1. i agree on the nursing pillow! hahahaha
    And the steriliser too. I rarely use seh. Selamat tu orang yang belikan as baby present. I think i very bo-chap sometimes cos i want nadya to build her immune system.. so tak yah nak asyik sterilise everything. her pacifier also i tak sterilise. only wash je.

    I love the calendula cream too! sekejap je the pimple will kecut. so bingit it does not work on me though. hahaha

    but i like the bottom spray! each time i spray and wait for it to dry off, i take it as a me-time away from Nadya. hahahahahha

    1. Ya! I didnt sterilise his pacifier oso. Once in a while, I pour hot water over it. Agree with you about building immune system.

      Means, you berdiri and let it dry? Actually, I don’t know how to use it. Nak tunggu dry off mcm lmbt so I just forget about it. Hahahaha! Let minyak bubut and good to go. Hehehe.

      1. yeah i usually use it after bath so i spray then i diri and cuci muka, berus gigi and then do facial massage lah.. check iphone lah.. hahahaha… ahhh the things you do. Lol

      2. ohhhhh! Ddnt think of that! Seriously. I stood there depan toilet for 5 secs. Felt stupid and I just pakai my underwear. Hahahaha! Now, you told me, I feel mcm “waddddd. Y ddnt I think of that?”. Hahahaha!!!

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