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of our First Raya


After 8 months of moving into our house, we finally arrange a contractor to site visit and give us a quote for the kitchen cabinet.  Lamer kan. The main reason for the delay is finance. We are not taking any loan. Although we have some savings, we do not want to touch or deplete them. Those savings are for emergencies or back-up funds. So, while trying to save for the kitchen cabinet, we are also slowly doing other parts of the house. In the 8 months, we have (in chronically order):

1) Bought fridge and washing machine (way before our wedding and we put the delivery on hold for few months)

2) Upon getting the keys, we did major cleaning and scrubbing

3) Installation of wrought iron grilles

4) Installation of ceiling fans for living room and master bedroom

5) We painted the living room ourselves

6) We bought some furniture / relatives gave us some items

7) We bought study table, chest, mirrors, table, and cabinet from IKEA to make it more liveable

8) My bed is still in my mom’s house. We slept on mattress on the floor. Hahahaha. We can easily call the bed to be transferred to my house but it took me foreverrrr to make that call.

9) Painted our Master bedroom

10) Bed transferred and the Master bedroom is finally ready

11) Painted the second room and bought curtain

12) Bought lightings for the whole house (before this, it is just plain bulb)


Things to do before Raya:

13) Do the frame gallery

14) Paint third room

15) Paint recess area

16) Do up the kitchen cabinet

17) Set up Khalil stuff in the second room

18) Install lightings for the dining area and recess area

19) Hang curtain in the third room

20) Mega clean-up

21) Buy containers for kuih and cakes

22) Find caterer for open house

23) Buy baju raya


Things to do after Raya:

24) Hack off the tiles in the kitchen dining area and cement screed and then to paint

25) Furniture for the third room

26) Fence for the recess area

27) Built-in cabinet for recess area

28) Flooring for recess area


Next year HIP:

29) Renovation of both toilets

30) Replacement of main door

31) Replacement of rubbish chute


I was passively looking around for contractors. Arranged a site visit with 1 contractor abeh tk datang. Then, we just malas. After some time, I kept stumbling upon Pakumaju in IG. Knew about them last year but I finally arrange for a site visit. They came and we discussed. The next day, we went to IMM and bought cooking stove, hood, sink and tap. Biler smangat datang, teros biler bender2. Kla tk, berbulan-bulan kiter buat bodoh jer.

I wish the walls can magically paint by themselves. Or the frames hung by themselves. But on a positive note, I love the fact that we slowly ‘build’ this house.’ Only we know where he wrote his love note on the wall for me before we paint the walls properly. Such a sweet memory. And I find it super sexy that he is the one who ran the wires and install the power point socket. He installed the door bell. He fixed the tap. He mount the TVs up. He installed the curtain rods and curtains and so many more stuff. So deliciously manly or wadddd. Okay, too much info.

We will slowly but surely build this little love nest of ours. In sha Allah. More importantly, I hope and pray this little love nest of ours is lighted with ibadah, love and iman always. Ameen. 🙂



of dark-stained shelves


I have an idea for the floating book shelves. Right now, I put the books in a bookshelf behind the main door. Hahahaha! Blakang pintu orang tarok kasut, I put books.

Pasal, I don’t want to put the books in the room. 2nd is his men’s den A.k.a his mini gym and the entertainment room.

3rd room is basically the guest room.

So, the bookshelf don’t know where to put. I don’t want to put a bookshelf smack in the middle of the living room because it will be visually messy.

I have this idea of installing floating shelf behind the sofa to display/ put the books.

Things to do:

1) Buy 4no.s floating shelves from Ikea
2) Dark-stained the shelves
3) Install them to wall
4) Arrange the books nicely


Dark-stained walls pictures from Pinterest



Initially, I wanted to put black shelves but I find it too flat and matchy-matchy with the TV console and table. So, that is the reason why lamer sangat nak decide and buy. Unless we find something that we really love and comfortable with, we will sit on it and not buy.

Suddenly, this idea came about yesterday. Why not dark-stained the shelves and make it the focal point of the living room. Dark-stained shelves will provide texture to the room and can tie with the existing dark wooden console beside the main door.

I explain like nice only..padahal on site, just average jer.

I intend to arrange the books like this. Because I have no natural talent for interior designing, I must seek inspiration. I wanna buy Scrabble initials from Typo. Letter ‘K and letter ‘A’. But, tu pending because maybe mcm over-rated.

Hahaha, I will take so long to decide. Kla dah decide, smangat datang, on the spot gi bli.


Hopefully, it turns out well. Scary because I think it is either make it or break it kind. Either jadik focal point or jadik an eyesore. In sha Allah, it turns out nice!

of waiting for lunchtime

Hey Hey,

I’m writing this post because I’m waiting for my lunchtime, 30 more minutes.

Yesterday, we hung the curtain and lay the carpet. Lilac carpet chosen by him. Hahaha!!

20140422_212838 20140422_212758

Intend to frame some comic posters on the walls to man the room up. We are still looking around for sofa bed and other small things to make the room complete. For now, I’m really grateful dah abis painting the walls. Took foreverrrrr.

Next on the list is to paint the other room. Still have not decide what colour to choose. Nothing blue because the other 2 rooms are already blue. I am contemplating between grey or dark mint. Something gender-neutral. Something versatile.

Grey is nice because it goes well with pink or green.

Or, mint or dark mint. Can go with coral.

This room I want to paint the ceiling too.

To complete end May or mid June:

1) Painting of 3rd room

2) Hang curtain

3) re-paint side tables

4) Install the shelves

5) Order, frame and install Islamic wording in living room

of DIYs and the real day


Blogging mojo is back. I want to share all the DIYs that we did and how they look on the actual day.

1) Bridal bouquet







2) Pulut stand




3) Our name initials

The basket was from Daiso.



3) Ferreo rocher tree as hantaran


4) Hantaran

Not the prettiest but I’m happy with it. DIY hantaran takes a lot of my time but it is another way of reducing the amount spent on the wedding. Done by everybody.








I bought the cake from myfavouritet. Super love the friendly, fast and hassle-free service.



5) ‘Mr and Mrs’ Signages done by my elder sis and cousin

  • My cousin bought the plywood from Arts Friend.
  • Then, my sis traced the wording using a pencil onto the plywood.
  • Colour the wordings
  • Poke in the screw
  • Braid the twine and add ribbons






6) Directional signages done by my younger sis



7) Name signage done by my younger sis and her colleague. Her colleague helped to saw and nail.  Alhamdulilah.




8) Food menu done by my talented sis. Alhamdulilah.



9) Table set-up done by my aunt

IMG_4449 2

10) Bridal room

  • Canopy bought from Bali (Kedai jual hammock and canopy). Canopy is a killer to iron! Used steam iron to iron the canopy. Seriously penat.
  • Curtains from IKEA
  • Butterflies from Johor. I glue-gunned the butterflies to pins and pinned them onto the canopy.
  • Faux sheep rug from IKEA
  • DIY bedside tables





11) Hennna

To make the inai straight, use scotch tape.Tight. Worth the pain. But, not so tight your fingers turn blue.

The photos here are edited.




This photo is not edited and after single application. Was taken on Thursday night. I put on second application on Friday night.


12) Bridal shoes

Not DIY but this is how I choose the shoes. Am glad that it matches all 3 outfits and was comfortable. I added padding for cushions and to prevent blisters. Yes, I’m paranoid like that. Last thing I want on my wedding day are blisters. The last dress is long so can’t see the shoes.





A little advice,try to DIY as much as you can. Try to save as much money because it is not worth wasting your hard-earned money on your wedding.

At the end of the day, it feels so satisfying to see the products of your effort. It is heart-warming to see many people chipping in and helping out. That’s what make the wedding memorable. It is the story behind each item. The love and effort others had put in. That is what makes your heart tingles when you looked back on you wedding and feel so loved by your family and friends.

The wedding will make you realised how small you are and how much you need your family and friends in your life. Morbid as it sounds, these are the same people who will ususkan your jenazah when you passed away later. InshaAllah.

The wedding will definitely make you appreciate your loved ones. Alhamdulilah.

of side tables

Hello hello,

You know, I’m a little pissed with one of the vendors right now. But  my sweet mom cakap ‘Biarlah, kiter bukan nyer kelam-kabut’. Alhamdulilah. My mom, forever the cooling water to my emotions. I shall handle this when I’m in a better mood.

Anyway, lets move on to happier stuff. I’ve painted the side tables!! Weeee! Alhamdulilah. Hahaha. Sometimes, I really wanna laugh at my smangat kekentalness.


It started with these.

Then I bought Zinsser Primer and White emulsion paint. Both the small cans.

2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

I just hate it when you pour the paint from the can then the sides of the can comot2. I also hate the cleaning up part too.

So, this time round, since I will only be using small amount of paint, I have a smart idea. Hahahaha!

I used a spoon and scooped up 10 spoonful of primer/paint onto a plastic plate.  Like how you scoop yogurt from a tub.

So, tak comot and no need to wash the tray. Just throw away the plastic plate. I used a cardboard to roll the roller before painting.

I did not need loads of primer & paint for these side tables. I only used 1/6 of the can content.


That’s Lisa Surihani. Hahahaha. See, sides of can very clean. Yes, I can be quite anal at times.

paintingIn progress.

Yupz, I painted in my room with the window opened and fan switched on for ventilation. Malas nak angkat the paint stuff and side tables to balcony or lift landing.

Niway, sambil tunggu paint kering, boleh baring kat katil.


Cleaning up. Just throw away the newspaper, cardboard, plastic plate and spoon.

Yeah! Best part ever! The roller can throw too if you are lazy to wash.




My babies all white now. Hehehehe.

Semangat kental kan. Hahaha. But, it is fun tao. Sourcing for stuff. Painting them. In the future, I might paint them in some cute colour. As for now, you  shall be white, lil babies.

Next thing on the list is the curtain. In sha allah.

Alhamdulilah for everything.

of Bridal Bouquet


My bridal package does not come with hand bouquet. When I was told takder hand bouquet, I was ‘Okay, sembarang. Can order or DIY a bouquet’.

I was thinking it is a good thing too because I can customise my hand bouquet according to my preference because kla inside the package, no choice but to take whatever they provide which is mostly red roses.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what they give because is just a flower bouquet. They are pretty but I will not go crazy and spend hundreds on something which is so trivial.

How hard can a hand bouquet be kan? So, bender ni was last thing on my mind. Until recently, I realised that the bridal bouquets that I saw online from local kedai are not my preference and the flowers that I prefer (peonies) are hard to find here, in this weather. Then, baru panicked.

The back-up plan is to have white roses in round hand-held bouquet. 

I’ve always love a round hand-held bouquet. I like hydrangea because of their sweet happy colours and they are so fluffy and round.

So, I was thinking I have 2 options:

1) Order my preferred bouquet and have them do it. It may not be feasible as some flowers are hard to find here and they may not survive well for the 2 days event in this humid weather. On top of that, it will be expensive. Nopez, that will be a total waste for something that will only last for a few days.

And, if I were to go ahead, what if the flower arrangement is totally not what I want? Flower arrangement is an art whereby you can’t copy even though dh kasi sample photo. I don’t want to receive my bouquet and be so upset if it does not turn out how I imagine it to be.

2) Buy flowers from Far East Flora and DIY. Roses are cheap at $20+ for 1 big packet. I think dalam ader 20 stalks. The pro is that it will definitely cheaper. The con is that someone has to drive all the way to Upper Thomson on Friday evening to buy the roses. But I can also order them and have them deliver though.

Another con is that it will add another thing to do on Friday evening. Macam banyak bender nak buat on the last few days prior to the wedding eg. bridal room, inai, gubahan, bunga rampai, sireh dara etc. So, I try to do as many things now so that tak banyak bender kener buat later.

Then, I thought why not pakai faux flowers? Ya, uncommon but there are brooch bouquets and ribbon bouquets. Those are not fresh flowers too. So, why not just use faux flowers and get it over and done with? Got the idea yesterday then I remembered I saw loads of pretty peonies,gerberas, tulips, renunculus flowers kat Francfranc JCube.

So, apalagi. I went and bought a few flowers. The ones wrapped are from Francfranc. 3 flowers from Daiso and the ribbon from Spotlight.

items bought

This pretty pretty renunculus set is $16. Would bought another set but this was sadly the last one.

set 1


set 2


set 3


set price

this pretty renunculus stalk is a whopping $12.  But, they are sooo nice. Bought 2. If I’ve known, I would have bought 2 more.

runculus 1


runculus price


white roses from Daiso. Bought 2.


I dont know what flower this is but it’s from Daiso also.


I bought gerbera and tulips but did not use them for my bouquet because apparently they do not look pretty being squashed up in a round flower arrangement. They are meant to be upright.

tulip 1


tulip 2


tulip price

$13 for 5 stalks! Anyway, will put them in a small vase and sit them somewhere.


Gerbera, price ranges $3.40 – $4.90 depending on colour hue. Bought 3.

Anyway, they look like this after cutting them apart and removing all the leaves. I did not use the leaves because they look super faux.

without leaves

I just pick and arrange them. Took me an hour to get the arrangement that I love. This is why I should not do flower arrangement for real flowers because I’m terrible at it. Kla ni bunger betol, agaknyer dh senget2 cos I was tucking and pulling them. The good thing about faux flowers is that you are be a little rough and they will be okay.

flower arrangement

Dah happy with the arrangement, just tape them together. It is hard to cut the stalk shorter because of the wire kat dlmm the stalk. Individually, I use scissors. For the whole bunch, scissors tak kuat. So, I use saw. Hahahaha. Pernah nmpk orang buat flower arrangement pakai saw?



saw 1

Then, just wrap it with nice ribbon. I think a good quality ribbon should be used cos it will make the whole bouquet so much better. I super love this champagne colour ribbon. Bought 1 metre from Spotlight at $6.

The stem was initially this long then macam weird cos when I hold it with both hands, the remaining stem stick against my groin.-__-. So, I saw it shorter.

long stem


long stem 2

Yeah. Alhamdulilah. Bridal bouquet done.

I bought the tulips and daisies because I wanted to make a bigger bouquet. The bouquet that I made is nice to cover my hands when holding it. I can buy more stalks to make it bigger but tak kuasa nak beli lagik and improvise. Sembarang lah, it is just a flower bouquet. 🙂

This is how it look like all done!

short stem



done 2


done 3


This is how it look like when I hold it.

holding it


Cost breakdown (without adding those unused tulips and daisies):

Flowers from Francfranc: $40

Flowers from Daiso: $6

RibbonsL $6

Total: $52

and I get to re-use them as house decor. Yeah. Sentimental value. Awww. Will put them in a vase in our house. Hahahahha.

Okay, flower bouquet done! Yeah.

of cake, cupcakes and pulut


When I was passively looking at wedding cakes, i was attracted to 3-tiered  plain white fondant cake with bold coloured ribbons around it and fresh flowers at the top. Quotations asked and received. The average price ranges from $200+ to $300+. *Gulped*. Kind of mahal for me but it is a reasonable price since it took such an extensive effort, skill and time. Ingat senang ker nak buat kek bertingkat-tingkat? Hehe!

I set a strict budget for the wedding and am adamant not to go beyond it. The budget itself is small because we don’t believe in spending our hard-earned money on the wedding. So, you can see me being so kemot about all the wedding-related items except those special and reasonable ones.

So, I decided to make a cupcake stand and order cupcakes. I love how wedding cakes look so elegant and grand but at the same time, I like how easy cupcakes are. No need to cut them or have plates and forks. Just distribute jer. And, the relatives can easily bring them home. No need tupperwares.

Dah buat the cupcake stand halfway, we booked our decor package. They informed that they will provide either wedding cake, cupcakes or do gubahan dulang hantaran for free as part of the package. Since we have already bought our hantaran trays, we decided to opt for the cupcakes.

So, what to do with the cupcake stand? We decided to use it and potong pulut on Saturday after nikah.

done 3

Steps to do the cupcake / pulut stand:

1) Cut styrofoam  according to your desired shape and measurement.

I decided to do square on square because I can put more cupcakes as compared to circle on circle. I use penknife to cut the foam. I hate the squeaky sound they make. So ngilu. IFor every square, I use 2 layers of styrofoam because I want it to look taller and bigger. I attach the 2 layers of styrofoam by poking a wooden chopstick through them. The kind of chopstick that you get when you buy take-aways and hot glue them if you want. The sides of the styrofoam senget skit takper cos will be wrapped up with kain.

cut styrofoam (2)



poke chopstick                                poke chopsticks through the 2 layers to make 1 square

2) Wrap with kain as though you are wrapping a present. Pin them.



You can see the outline of 2 layers of styrofoam. Just cover them with the ruffles.




3) Use crepe streamer to make ruffles. You will use loads of pins to pin them in place.





4) Use ribbons to cover the gap and to keep the ruffles in place.


5) Hot glue the stack of squares in place.

6) Done!

done 1


done 2


done 3

7) For cupcakes, just order and arrange them.



8) For pulut or tiramisu or ‘cake is a jar’, buy little cups and fill them. 🙂


7) For the top square, my grandmother will put some pulut on a square plate, decorated with telur, chili and udang etc. In sha allah.


Cost breakdown for pulut stand:

Materials for stand (styrofoam, kain, crepe papers and ribbons) : $36

Little cups, $11 (20 cups) x 2 pkts + $2 (20 covers) x 2 pkts: $26

Total: $62

I think to make pulut itself is relatively low cost. So, yeah. One down and I even had fun doing the stand. 🙂 Alhamdulilah.


of updates and my list of things done and to do

Hello hello,

My 2 weeks school holidays coming to an end soon. *sob!* The good thing is I think I managed to do quite a number of stuffs for the wedding, house, school and some time to enjoy myself. (This list is rather boring for you because it is more to help me track down on how I spent my time).

For the wedding:

1)Bought the ribbon and finally finish up my pulut stand! Yeah!!!

2) Bought more berkat and pack them

3) Bought ribbons for the hanataran trays

4) Bought his butang baju melayu and tasbih

For the house:

1) Bought ceiling fans for the living room and MBR

2) Asked few quotations for grilles and confirmed order

3) Asked few quotations for the toilets

4) Bought paint for the living room & MBR

5) Bought basic cleaning items like mops, broom, pail etc

6) Called HDB thrice to request for plastering job for living room ceiling and bedroom 2 walls because they were horribly done up

7) Bought mattresses and bed frames for the 2 bedrooms

8) Went to Ikea to buy dining table, curtain rods and curtains for the living room (ate the meatballs at Tampines. Not nice. What happened? Used to taste so good. Maybe the horse meat made it good dulu. Hahaha)

9) Took sofa that my aunt gave


1) Did my hafalan (Alhamdulilah!)

2) Sat for my Tafsir exam

Some fun time:

1) Went KL and Genting

2) Watched ‘After Earth’ (Really good!)

There are still stuffs that I need to do before the work resumes on Monday. Kids will not be around. Just us, staff. So, it will be a nice slow warm-up for me before the kids return back to school and all hectic.

Things to do for the wedding (Before Ramadhan):

1) Book void deck

2) Book cupcake or cake for the hantaran

3) Type out the itinerary

4) Meet up with Decor people

5) Buy berkat for the kiddos

6) Find the right size plate for the pulut

Things to do for the house (Before Ramadhan, hopefully, but I doubt so because HDB is so slow. Can’t do any work before HDB):

1) MBR toilet & replacement of bin chute

2) Installation of grilles

3) HDB to re-do the plastering

4) Installation of ceiling fans

5) Polish the flooring

6) Clean the whole house

7) Paint the house

For the school:

1) Do my fiqh, aqidah, sirah and hadith assignment

2) Study for my Tafsir class test

3) Study for my Tafsir, Hadith and Sirah Exam

4) Hafalan for my Hadith Exam

For my parents house:

1) Clean the whole house!

Okayyyy, so many things to do before Ramadhan because I do not want my Ramdhan and Syawal to be disturbed.

Oh the great news is that I managed to cook some decent dishes. Alhamdulilah. But, still have loads and loads to learn. *Gulp!*. I’m staying with the future mother-in-law and I must know how to cook!

I have a little problem here. I can’t seem to be able to find 2 nice white side tables Ikea nopez. Online nopez. Neighbourhood store, nopez. 😦




of Merah Inai Di Jari

Hello there,

I bought 2 tubes of henna. Nak test on my skin which gives better colour.

This is how it looks like after putting it on for 2+ hours. The pinkie finger is orangey while the ring finger is reddish. I prefer the ring finger.

after (2)

After washing off the first application, I put the second application for the ring finger to see how red it will be if I were to put it on for 4-5 hours. I did not put second application for the pinkie finger because I already made my decision not to use that henna paste.

The next day, the pinkie finger turns so brown. But, I still prefer the ring finger.





I think henna stain differs from person to person. So, it is best to buy 2-3 hennas of different brands to test on your skin. What works for me may not work for you.

Oh, I like the fact that both of these henna left a smooth stain on my skin. It is not blotchy.

The left tube is used for the pinkie finger ($1.80) while the right one is for the ring finger ($1). I bought the right tube.



So, I bought 31 tubes of them. Took all that they have on the shelf. The makcik gave me a $5 discount. Paid $27 for 31 tubes. I think I will use less than 10 tubes for 2 times applications on my fingers and toes. The rest are for my cousins, makcik, little girls yang nak pakai inai. Weee!


My mom bought this henna. I tried it on. The colour stain is very red and strong. If you were to put the inai kat your skin, it will immediately stain. So, kla you make a mistake or comot skit, it will stain although you wipe it off immediately.

I personally think this henna is too chemicalish. It stains way too fast and it makes your skin peel. The pro of a chemicalish henna is that it gives vibrant colour. I love this henna colour stain but the cons outdo the pros.

And, this inai stain is blotchy on the skin. Macam tompok-tompok, not smooth colour.

peel 2

Maybe it is just my skin being sensitve.

Anyway, I spent $27 only for my henna.Yeah, this is how I scrimp on the wedding and control my budget. Alhamdulillah.

Good thing too I prefer the traditional simple malay inai. The intricate lavish designs on hands are nice but I just don’t like them on me. Especially when they start to fade unevenly.I like those malay pengantin yang pakai simple inai on their fingers with simple white baju kurung nikah kat masjid.  Very kampungish. (Imagine Nur in Nur Kasih).

The fiance hates henna. He findsthem disgusting. He don’t want me to pakai inai. I told him ‘pengantin tak pakai inai macam orang gi toilet tak cuci tangan’. I love inai. I love the smell.

When I was younger, my sister and I will mix the traditional inai powder with water. Nak merah, kiter experiment letak minyak kapak etc. I even plopped some inai on my hair. Nak be all cool and ‘dye rambot’. Hahahaha. So primary school! Hahahaha.

Now, I have 2 inai-ed fingers. As much as I like inai, I don’t like these 2 bridal-ish attention-grabbing inai-ed fingers. On the positive note, 4 days and they are still very red. Nice! I have a feeling, they will last long.

Okay, inai settle the kettle! 1 down!

I tink I wanna pakai my inai on thurs morning after subuh till 10am. So, thurs night when all the relatives are around and the fun begin, I can help out and join in, carry the babies and just have fun. In sha allah.

of DIY Ferrero Rocher Tree

Hello there,

My parents are heavily involved in Community Club Organisation. So, they will be having a Mothers’ Day Celebration Concert this Sunday. Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers, my mom decided to give a ferrero rocher bouquet because it is something different. After some googling, youtubing and pintresting, she was attracted to the idea of ferrero rocher tree.

So, we decided to make one. We spent approximately $40 on this.  It is considered alright considering the fact that it is hard to find a decent ready-made flower bouquet for $40 but more importantly, it is a just so fun to do this.


ferrero 1

ferrero 2

Things needed:

1) Pot ($2 from Art Friend)

2) Earth-coloured clay ($4 from Art Friend)

3) Long stick as branch (already own but can buy $2 from Daiso) You need to shorten the stick

4) Ribbon (Already own)

5) Circular styrofoam approximately 10-12cm diameter ($4 from Art Friend)

6) Approximately 60 pieces ($28 from Cold Storage)

7) Gold arcylic paint ($4 from Art Friend)

8) Brush ($0.80 from Art Friend)

9) Toothpicks (Already own)

How to do:

1) Decide the height of the stick and cut accordingly

2) Paint the pot, stick and styrofoam gold

3) Set to dry

4) Poke the  stick in styrofoam

5) Poke ferrero rocher onto styrofoam

6) Put clay in the pot

7) Poke the stick+styrofoam+ferrero rocher into the clay

8) Put a bit of clay at the bottom of styrofoam where the styrofoam and stick meet for stronger adhesion (paint it gold to blend)

9) Set everything aside for clay to harden

10) Tie ribbon

How long it took:

Approximately 2-3hrs


– You will be surprised that you need quite a number of ferrero rochers

– Circular styrofoam creates a tree canopy look

– Sphere styrofoam creates round look and uses nearly double the number of ferrero rochers

You can always youtube for better examples because mine is very amateurish.  However, it is all in the joy of doing something new. You can try doing this for present, dulang hantaran, table centre pieces etc. 🙂