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of love

Im 36 weeks today. Somehow, I am more relaxed and not really motivated to do much in regards to the baby stuff. I have yet to wash his clothes and few stuff are still halfway done. Nowadays, I have been relaxing and catching up on my sleep. I can’t seem to be able to sleep at night. Usually, manage to fall asleep 3am-6.30am with a toilet visit in between.

Been spending more time with the husband and family.

I have 3 more working days next week. I will be working on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Took AM leave on New Year eve since it is a half day.

I will then take 5 days AL (5-9th Jan) followed by my ML starting on the 12th of Jan till 6th Apr. Excited! Best nyer takyah keje! Starting this week onwards, I will up my walking routine. I plan to walk more daily and climb few storey of staircase. Not so much. Maybe just 3-4 storeys and 1 round around the neighbourhood.

The husband has this routine of talking to the baby the moment he wakes up. He will give salam to Y, tell him to wake up, dah pagi ni, and tell Y to wake me up. And, Y will start to squirm and give me some strong stretches and kicks. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Both the husband and I will be tickled by Y’s reactions. Alhamdulilah. Such a blessing. The best way to start my day. Alhamdulilah.

The husband will also constantly talk to Y throughout the day. He will give some teka-teki. Hahahahhaha! Like, the typical lame teka-teki. Eg. Banyak2 binatang, binatang maner paling kaya? He will actually wait for some reaction from Y. Then, the husband will ask ‘’give up’’? He will then say the answer… Beruang!!! Abeh, ketawer sendiri. Hahahahaha!

He will tell Y that kiter nak solat. He will touch my tummy and tell Y to ikot Ibu solat jugak k. *Melts*. Such nikmat.

I pray those who are TTC will be blessed with this nikmat too. However, if Allah have better plans for them, may they be patient and accept the blessings with open heart and keredhaan. Ameen.

As the days passed, I’m starting to miss being pregnant. Hahahaha! I’m definitely taking more photos nowadays because I love my stomach now and how it is showing. On top of that, I know the journey is ending soon. I’m going to miss his movements in me.

Sometimes, I miss this lil Babylove. I will touch my stomach and feel so much love and longing for his presence. How can I miss someone whom I have never met before? How can I miss someone who is so close to me, he is literally in me, yet I feel that is not close enough? I want to touch his skin, smell his breath, hear his voice and just hug him tight.

I love you Babylove. Loads. Beyond words.


of a simple yet deep reminder

I have a bad case of stretch marks. Not at my tummy. Some other place which I don’t intend to share. Hahahaha! There are days when I feel really low about the weight gain, stretch marks, darkened skin and all the other changes that make me feel a tad miserable. The husband will casually remarked ”Tu, kat tapak kaki tu. Syurga under construction”. His remark made me smiled because I never thought of it that way. Upon hearing that, I kinda feel touched and reminded that what I’m facing are very minor. Very petty, indeed. It feels good to be reminded in a casual light way. Nothing too preachy. Alhamdulilah for my husband.

of diet, grocery and updates

We went to Johor, Bukit indah, yesterday to do some grocery shopping. They are having great sale at F.O.S and brands outlet shops. Like, really good deal stuff. We bought remaining stuff for Babylove and me such as maternity pads, nursing pads, baby oil and all that misc items. Oh! I bought this nursing pillow for only RM60 which is about sgd23! Alhamdulilah. I did not buy any nursing pillow because I find them a tad too expensive. I watched reviews on Youtube. Some moms swear by it. Some said it is redundant item. So, I was not willing to buy the nursing pillow. I thought I will make do with normal pillow and will only buy it when I think I need it.

So, seeing that it will only cost me $23, I went ahead to buy it. Yeah! Kla tk pakai pon, can use for tummy time.

We stocked up our grocery items. Will have a massive stock-up end of the month since both our families will come over quite frequently to our house when the time is nearing to EDD and after the birth. We just drink plain water and does not tidbits like biscuits or anything in our house. So, need to buy some bottled drinks and some simple food to steam, oven or fry and serve to the visitors.

The nursery is still in a mess. Will do it soon!

The baby weigh about 1.9kg last 2 weeks (32 weeks). This Friday, I will be having another check-up.  I hope his weigh gained to about 2.1kg. I’m not gaining any weight since the last appointment. Am still at 61.9kg. On one hand, I’m glad I’m not gaining weight but at the same time, I’m worried whether Babylove is gaining weight at a healthy rate. Will ask the doctor about this.

I hope he is able to at least gain 100gm per week so that his weigh will be at least 2.9kg when he is 40 weeks. If he delivered earlier, I hope he is at least 2.8 or 2.9kg. Will monitor his weight closely. Actually, to gain 1kg more in a month is quite possible kan? Just cannot gain too much, else, the baby will be too big and difficult to push out?

I try to control my diet. Not eating too much and not too little. So far, I have been eating bread for breakfast, together with some hot drinks like horlick, milo or soyabeans. For lunch, it is usually rice with chicken or protein and some veg. At times, I make myself tuna sandwich. For dinner, I usually eat a bowl of fruits with yogurt. But, I will alternatively change my dinner to something light or because I also want to prevent gestational diabetes (Too much of fruits and yogurt can be quite sugary). I don’t eat rice or noodle for dinner because I’m training myself for the confinement. Have been doing this for 2 weeks now.

My nenek and makcik told me to not eat any rice after 7pm and cold drinks during confinement. They say these are the 2 golden rules I should never ever break during confinement. Thus, I’m slowly abiding to these 2 golden rules now so that I will not go cold turkey during confinement. Make sense? Tapi, yogurt is served cold. Hmmm. Maybe I need to wait till it is room temperature then can consume? I try to follow the confinement rules as much as I can. At the end of the day, it is for the benefits of my own health. Intend to have more babies in the future, so must take care of the body! Hahahaha! Anyway, health is our amanah.

Anyway, will see how the baby weight goes. Will pump up his weight kla his weight is too little. I’m sure I have no issue eating. Hahahaha! Nak control diet lebih susah dari suruh makan. According to the chart, I gaining at the maximum rate. Oh well. In sha Allah, can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight after delivering later. Gaining weight can really affect my self-esteem. Hmmm.


of a happy false alarm!

I went for my 32 weeks growth scan on Friday. It took longer than usual because they have some emergency cases coming in to do the scanning. On top of that, we were slightly late. Appointment was supposed to be at 10:50. We only arrived at 11:10.

Anyway, the scan was okay. The baby weigh 1.9kg and he is at 49 percentile. At 20 weeks growth scan, he was 70 percentile. I’m okay with his weight as long as he is healthy. I can’t remember his head circumference and diameter. He has not turned downwards yet. His position is like an inverted-C. His head is on my right side, his butt is somewhere on the lower left with his legs at my pelvic.

For the doctor consultation, Khalil did not came in as he needs to rush off for his Friday prayer. It was standard procedure. I then went for my ward admission briefing. Chose my ward and all that boring paperwork stuff.

After 32 weeks, the appointments will be 2 weeks apart instead of 1 month. I think for the next few appointments, Khalil need not attend. It is just a 5 minutes consultation. They checked your vital statistics and asked you how you are feeling and if you have any questions. Most of the aches or pains that I’m facing is part of pregnancy and is nothing dangerous. Alhamdulilah. So, basically, there is nothing much to ask or discuss. I’m glad I went for subsidized route because I’m only paying $33 for this kind of consultation and it is fully reimbursed by my company.

After the appointment, I went to Clementi to meet the husband who was praying at Darusalam. We then went to JP for our much-needed date. Hahahahha! Ate the Christmas Seafood platter at Fish&Co. Not recommended! We genuinely think the seafood platter for 2 is sooooo much better. After lunch, we went to watch the Big Hero 6. Sucha entertaining movie. Love it.

Over the weekend, we organised a family chalet at East Coast. The whole of Saturday, I was having this period-like cramp, backache and pressure at my pelvic. It was quite uncomfortable and painful. But, the pain was not that excruciatingly painful. Just like your bad menstrual cramp.

However, in the afternoon at around 5pm, I have heavy brownish discharge and even some fresh blood spotting. Told the husband and he told me to call NUH delivery line to enquire. I super love his attentiveness and his concern. Hahahaha! So sweet. I called NUH delivery line and they advised me to monitor the spotting and baby’s movements for a few hours. If there is still spotting or lack of movements, to come down to NUH for a check.

And so I did, monitor. The baby move normally so I was very relieved. However, I still have that cramps, backache, brownish discharge and some spotting. So, the husband called NUH delivery again at about 9pm. They told us to make our way there for a check. Not wanting to alarm my mom and the makciks there at chalet, we told them we need to go somewhere and went NUH senyap2. Hahahaha!

All along, I was having these cramps and backache. At times, I need to bend over to let the cramp wave away. In the car, we were very chatty. The husband asked me whether I remember how to breathe properly tak kla nak give birth. I just rolled my eyes saying that I will not give birth lah. Contractions don’t feel like this. Mesti lebih sakit.

Anyway, he still showed me how to breathe. Pant-pant-blowwwww. Pant-pant-blowwwww. Pant-pant-blowwwww. Hahahahhahaha! Kelakar giler!! I was laughing like mad ah at his semangat face. Biler antenatal class, he was not participative. Then, in the car, smangat demo with his face all! Hahahaahha! It was so funny!

He then parked at the A&E side. I don’t know why he parked it there. Supposed to park at the Taxi stand area. Since, he left his car unattended at A&E, we have to take the wheelchair. I insisted that I can walk but he told me mesti pakai wheelchair. Kecoh giler bocs I was resisting while holding my tummy and he kept insisting and trying to open that wheelchair. HAHAHAHA! Kecoh seh kiter.

He was actually excited nak tolak that wheelchair and look so important. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I was really embarrassed since it was my first time being wheeled in wheelchair.

Good thing I was in the wheelchair because we were lost! I was directing him to Clinic G because dah biaser gi Clinic G. Then, we realised we should be heading to Delivery suite not Clinic G. Nasib I was not in pain. It is a great dry-run for us.

When we went for the antenatal class, they direct us from the Taxi stand and not from A&E. So, kiter mcm lost trying to make our way. He then asked this staff and he showed us the way to the delivery suite. I was trying to hide my smile pasal the whole thing was so funny and Khalil was having loads of fun acting oh-so-important and pushing me in wheelchair with people looking at us. Hahahahahaha!

Dah sampai delivery suite, the staff wished us a smooth delivery. I was like looking at Khalil and trying not to laugh because I was not going to deliver.

The nurses there were already expecting us and told us to go to Delivery Suite 11. TShe briefed me to go toilet to pass urine and then lie down without any pants in the bed. And so I did.

We went through some normal paperwork and she put on the device to monitor baby’s heartbeats and my contractions. Baby’s heartbeats are strong and normal. Alhamdulilah. I was having some minor contractions.


The doctor then came in to do some tests. Too bad the doctor on duty was a male. Tapi, no choice. Anyway, it is a good dry-run for us. There was also this young female doctor. I think she is a student doctor. There were also 2 nurses in the room.

He touched my stomach then proceeded with the test. The nurse informed me that she need to switch on the light down on me. Super love their bedside manners.

He used this clamp to clamp me open then insert the cotton bud. There, in front of me, 3 ladies looking down at me with a male doctor doing the tests with my husband sitting by the bed. Awkward moment!

1st cotton bud swab test: To check whether I will be going into labour within this week. He placed the cotton bud in a test-tube and waited for the chemical reaction aka results. Result: negative. So, I will not go into labour anytime soon. Alhamdulilah.

2nd cotton bud swab test: To check whether my water bag has leaked. If the cotton bud turns black, means that there is a presence of water bag liquid. Mine was dark brown.

He then proceeded to do a VE to check for any dilation. Okay, I was very scared of VE because I heard horrible stories of it. VE was uncomfortable but not painful. Just uncomfortable and weird. It took about a few minutes. Maybe I was not having real contractions and in labour, that was why the VE was not painful. Maybe it will really hurt if in labour. But, I hope not. In sha Allah.

Glad I went through that because it cleared one of my major fears of childbirth. My cervix has not open yet. Alhamdulilah!

Back to the water bag swab test, he said the result is dark brown because of my brownish discharge. He then asked us when was the last time we had sexual intercourse as it may causes the result to be dark brown too.

Hahhahahahahaha!!! I answered him and let me tell you this, both doctors were trying to hide their smiles. I looked at the husband as he had that stone-face although he told me later dier pon malu. The doctor then informed us to refrain from such activity as it causes contractions to happen. I feel like some teenager caught making out in school by the Principal. Embarrassing much!!!

So, mystery solved! Spotting is not from my uterus or anything serious. Most probably from the vaginal wall tissue and contractions are not due to premature labour. Due to some happy chemical! HAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Khalil called my mom to update her that we were at NUH but everythings okay.

The doctor wanted to monitor us for an hour. So, they left us alone in the room. Hahahaha! I was still having my minor contractions but I was very relaxed pasal I know everything is okay.

The husband dah kepo2. He touched everything in the room! He kepo2 at the machine where they will place the baby. Opened some boxes. Showed me the vomit bowl. He switched on the TV. He even switched on the light above the bed which they used to shine down on me! He checked out the toilet, the birthing stool and bouncing ball.

Seriously he was bouncing all over the delivery suite and I was telling him to just sit down and keep still. He then went to my stomach and told Babylove not to be uptight like Ibu! Hmph! Hahahaha! He make everything so fun! It was a fun experience, indeed.

The doctor confirmed we are good to go home. Fun part over!

From the delivery suite, we walked to the Kent Ridge carpark. Since it was late, the corridor was really quiet and empty. Guess what the husband did? He imagined we were in some Resident Evil plot and there were some zombies hiding. I was supposedly injured since I was walking so slowly (still having minor contractions, rmbr?) and he was trying to save us from the zombies. Hahahhaha! I love him so much! He make the whole thing fun and I forgot about my pain because I was so amused by his antics and was laughing like mad too.

I thought of going home since I was still having my minor contractions. Tapi, mcm party-poopers kan kla tk overnight at chalet and make everyone worried about my spotting and contractions. Anyway, Khalil need to help out with the carrying of stuff on Sunday. Tak kan nak tinggalkan bulat2.

So, we went back to chalet and continue eating. Hahhahahaha!

Sucha happening weekend! Anyway, we will be waiting for the bill to arrive in our mailbox. -__-. Pleaseeeeee, jangan mahal pleaseeeee.

They don’t bill us on that day since it was already at night and the personnel in not on duty.

Take care people!

of Baby’s list

Hello hello,

I had a great time shopping for the baby these past few days. Jalan2 sampai my toes bengkak mcm cocktail sausages and I don’t seem to have ankles anymore. Hahhahaha!

On Wednesday:

North Point Cotton On to buy some clothes. warehouse to see stroller and buy 2 pieces of long-sleeved rompers ($18) & 1 piece of Swaddle Me ($16). Expo sell it for just $10. Oh well.

Went to Taka and Paragon to see strollers. At Taka, I bought 2 sleep suits for $16 each. Brand is chilli padi. I got no idea of this brand and I know it is a tad too expensive but I super love how soft the sleep suits are, they are thin and breathable and have cute prints on them. I bought 2 bolsters ($5.50 x 2) and 1 pillow ($5.50). I also bought cheeky bon bon bean bag to put on the baby’s chest when sleeping ($10).

On Thursday:

Went to Expo Baby fair from 2.30pm to 9pm. I queued for 1.5hrs at one of the booth. Was tiring but bought:

  • Tommee Tippee milk warmer, $35

Many people says milk warmer is useless. I bought 1 for my mom who will be taking care of the baby when I go to work. If I manage to breastfeed, my mom will need to warm up the BM. Anyway, we’ll see whether this milk warmer works.

  • Tommee Tippee breast milk storage bags, 3 for $25. 1 packet contains 36 bags
  • Infrared baby thermometer 4-in-1, $50 (can be used to scan at forehead or at the ear)
  • 1 packet of Carters rompers for 3 mths, $16 (4 pieces + 6 wash cloths)
  • 2 packets of Carters romper for 6 mths, 16 x 2 (4 pieces + 6 wash cloths)

There are a lot of Carters being sold there. I chose this packet because the prints are so vibrant, colourful and cute!

  • 2 pieces of pyjamas, long-sleeved button top and pants, $6 x 2

The material is super soft! Love it so so much.

  • 1 piece muslin swaddle for $10
  • 1 packet of muslin printed swaddle (4 pieces for $16)

I was done walking at around 5.30pm. Queued again for nearly half hour at Burger’s King. It was a 1-man show lah kat BK. Open only 1 counter and the nyonya amek order & prepare the order. By the time I reached the counter, mcm nak just bend down kat counter and sway my hips lah. Punyerlah penat pinggang & kaki.

The queue at Texas Chicken was not so bad but I really wanted to eat BK. So, I queued. The husband met me at 7pm after his work. We discussed about strollers and did our maghrib.

Went back in and he surveyed all the strollers. I have short listed 2 strollers. Aprica Air Ria (Black, $439) or Combi Urban Walker Lite (Orange, $413). It was tough to decide because both have the similar specifications except that Aprica is 4+kg while Combi is 6kg. He tried folding and unfolding them for thousands time, still cnt decide. He loved this huge Federo stroller. I was like nopez. Too huge.

Ended up with Combi because it seems slightly longer and wider. They will deliver the stroller soon. Yeah! Alhamdulilah. Stroller settled.

On Saturday:

 Went for my antenatal class alone because the husband went to Kampong a day earlier. I joined him on Sunday. After the antenatal class (which is so informative and useful. I recommend 1st time mummies to attend. Seriously good), I went to Waterloo to buy some clothes. I thought buying at Waterloo will at least curb my shopping later at Expo. Failed attempt.

  • Bought 6 pieces of long-sleeved button tops and pants. 6 tops for $14. 6 pants for $13. Each set costs $4.50. I would not buy them if I know I need to buy the tops and pants separately. Only at the cashier did the nyonya told me pants are not included. I can just buy the sets at Expo for $6 each. The sets at Expo are so much softer and cuter. The waterloo sets are not soft but it’s okay. Dah beli pon.

Ate LJS at Bugis for my lunch. Went to Expo.

  • Mustela Diaper Cream. (Not sure how much. Either $10 or $15)
  • Medela Purelan 100 nipple cream (not sure how much I paid for it. I think $15)
  • Mama Earth bottom spray (not sure how much I paid for it)
  • Wet bags (bought 2 big ones and 2 small ones. 1 set for me. 1 set for my mom. Small bag is $5. Big bag is $8, I think)
  • Tommee Tippee 260ml bottles ($29 for 3 bottles)
  • Joules Rugby shirt for 9mths ($20)
  • 2 pieces of sleepsuits ($10 x 2)
  • 2 pieces of long sleeved button top & pants pyjamas ($6 x 2)
  • 4 pieces of pants ($6 x 4)
  • Ergo Performance Graphite Venus ($180. Usual price is $225). Will collect it at Jems Spring Maternity soon.
  • His mom bought for Babylove wheat beans pillow

Alhamdulilah. Settled more stuff for Babylove. I feel so assured when I know all his stuffs are ready. My husband said I shopped like January nanti kedai semuer tk bukak. -_-.  Hahahaha!

I forgot to buy mattress protector though. I was looking for nursing cover but I don’t seem to like any of them. I thought of sewing it myself. Will see how it goes.

I’m left with nitty gritty stuffs like:

  • Bathing tub
  • Head support for stroller
  • Mattress for cot
  • Mattress protector
  • Fabric cloth to sew for bed sheets & nursing cover
  • Foldable changing mat for outside use
  • Changing mat for the changing station
  • Baby rocking chair
  • Gym mat
  • Ikea book shelf for nursery
  • Decal for nursery
  • Compartments & crates for nursery
  • Inflatable play pen (husband’s idea)
  • Alzipmat fro nursery
  • Mirror for nursery
  • 1 piece of receiving blanket
  • Bibs (4 more pieces)
  • Mittens + booties (2-3 more sets)
  • Burp cloths
  • Fever patch
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Cottons buds
  • Nail clipper
  • Minyak telon
  • Baby oil
  • Gripe water from kedai singseh
  • Bathing soap (Kodomo)
  • Laundry soap
  • Milk bottle soap + brush for cleaning
  • Drying rack / container to dry and store milk bottles + pump parts
  • Maternity pads
  • Disposable breast pads
  • Nursing gown
  • Nursing tops
  • Nursing bras
  • Fenugreek
  • Chia seeds

of happy dilemma. Alhamdulilah.


Yesterday I was on MC because I have been having this crazy itch on my hands and feet for days. Itch like crazy! Ader small little bumps and the skin is blotchy. The thing is, it only itch at night when my hands and feet are swollen. It is itchy in between the fingers, at the knuckles, the skin below the nails and basically, my whole feet till ankle. After enduring for a week, thinking it will go away eventually, I decided to go see a doctor. Doctor say it is heat rash and gave me lotion and pills. Hope it solve this problem because this itch makes me miserable. Tapi, trying to remind myself, not to complain.

Oh ya! I saw stretch marks yesterday! Trying not to feel ugly. Remind myself that stretch marks are little price to pay for this lil bundle of rezki. Other people went thru so many challenges and pain to have this nikmat. So, I should just suck it up and accept that my body will never be the same.

After the doctor appointment, I went to Yishun Industrial to see a stroller that I like from I dropped by NorthPoint to check out Kiddy Palace and Cotton On Kids. Before this, I will not step in Kiddy Palace just for the fun of it simply because these kind of shops are very noisy dengan budak2, all that noise from the toys and kids hiding bawah clothing racks in between the clothes when playing hide and seek.

But nowadays, I love going to these kids shops. I went to Cotton on and bought few more clothes and socks for the Lil Babylove. I just love their design and quality.

Okay, back to that stroller form, I went to their warehouse because I wanted to see it on-site to try it out.

1) New born to 3 years old. 

This is my 1st requirement. I want something that need not detach seats when folding, need not separate seats for newborn and 6 mths and can lasts from newborn till 3 yrs old since I don’t intend to buy anymore strollers. I know some people have several strollers. I do not have a store room to store all the extra stuff.

However, will buy for my mom if she needs it when taking care of the lil babylove or use my sis Mclaren.


1) Canopy.

Very smooth. Super love the canopy! It is smooth and good fabric. Did not jerk and make that ke-tek, ke-tek sound when you pull it down. I especially love the fact that you can unzip the last panel of the canopy which is the nearest to the handle bar. The last canopy is made of white-coloured, single-layer mesh so it is good for ventilation and you can easily see your baby when pushing. It is not reversible but I dnt really mind since I can see the baby.

2) I love the whole design.

Adjustable feet panel, 2 big back wheels and 2 small front wheels, accessible storage compartment. Washable pad where the baby sits.

3) Love the clasp design.

Very easy to snap on and off.

4) Wheels

Wheels are combination of big and small wheels, smooth when pushing and stroller is easy to maneuver.

5) Weight

The weight is not too light and not too heavy. Initially,I wanted a really light stroller because I think is easy for me to handle. My sis advised that too light, the stroller might easily topple backwards if you hang a few stuff. I dnt intend to hang stuff tapi, practically, it is quite convenient to hang my plastic bags when I go out alone since it is hard to hold the plastic bags and push the stroller.

Secondly, I dnt think I will be folding and carrying the stroller much. If I were to go out alone, I think I will be more confident using the carrier as it is easer to take bus with carrier than stroller.

Will only use stroller to go out alone with the baby using MRT or going somewhere nearby so I need not fold and unfold that stroller. Hence, weight of the stroller need not be strictly light. 8.5kg should be comfortable. I tried carrying it yesterday. It is manageable. Manageable if we use car. But, what if we don’t have car after the COE is up in 1+ year time? Still manageable to bring out using bus? Or, will we just take cabs whenever we use stroller?


1) China Brand. I’m not overly concerned about branding. Just worried if the quality is good to last for 3 years. Should I add a little bit more for a reputable brand eg. Combi? I 50-50 like some Combi model but it have 4 small wheels and look a little narrow. I like how cushiony the paddings are, tho. Can read reviews from this mummy.

2) Easy 1-step folding but slide on the ground. Just click the lever at the side of the handle bars and it will slide down. However, the husband have to bend down and pick up the stroller and put it in the car. Kla nak bukak, carry it out of the car, put it on the ground and open it. Macam penat for the pinggang kan kene bend2.

3) The wheels are white in colour. Hahahahaha! The husband gave me the  -_- face when I say this. Bende tak penting. But, I fear it will look plastic-ky. Tapi, on-site it look okay ah.

Bought a swaddle and 1 packet of romper from the warehouse.

I then went to Taka to check out Aprica to compare.

Seeing Arpica on-site, I just dnt like it. I dnt know. Maybe, I have higher expectation and expect it to be more sleek, looking at the photos online. From the photo, I like the canopy the most. Tapi, on site, it is not as sleek. The pad for the baby to lie down pon not that cushiony as how I prefer it to be. I like the head paddings tapi ni boleh beli and insert in any stroller.

I bought 2 long rompers, 1 bean pillow and few pillows from Taka.

I then went to Paragon to check the Combi since the Combi kat Taka kat shelf atas. Combi feels okay cumer quite narrow. Narrow stroller easy to maneuver tapi mcm uncomfortable for the baby. What is my baby gemok? Looking at the mummy and daddy, mcm ader possibility baby akan gemok. Tapi, I hope he is just healthy. Not too thin, not too fat.

This week mcm crash course on stroller seh. Before this, I know nuts pasal stroller and their brands. Shall just go and check out the strollers at Expo. See which one I like. I’m quite fickle-minded. In case you guys ddnt already know that.

I might not buy Comotomo too. Hahahaha! Perangai kan. I touched both bottles at Kiddy Palace. Took both out of the boxes.  (Both boxes are already opened! I’m not that kind of auntie yang suker2 buka box kat kedai) I still like Tommee Tippee. Hahahaha!

I think I will take forever to decide.

of colour

Someone informed me that the Aprica (Aprica Air Ria) that was on discount at Expo is the older version. The one that I like (Aprica Air Ria Luxuna, peppermint green) is the newer version and might not be on discount.

I hope I’m wronged though. Tapi, to be mentally prepared and not feel hampa, I opted this as a back-up plan. Think purple is too girlish for a baby boy?

I love the purple but still prefer the peppermint one. However, am not willing to fork out extra $200 merely on colour. I think the specifications are quite similar. 2nd back-up plan is to find another brand that is in green colour. Hmmmm.




of Baby Cot


My sis gave us baby cot. Alhamdulilah. I think we are the third owner for that cot. I think somebody gave the cot to her and she then passed the cot to me. Anyway, the cot is still in a great condition.

Knowing me, I’m the sort of person who kla dah smangat, will do it there and then. If I’m in my lazy mood, I will procrastinate for months and months.  Past few days, I’m in my smangat mode. So, the husband also have to help out. Kesian dier. Layankan his wife. Hehehehhe! He set up the cot yesterday for me because I wanted to make sure that it fits well and I can proceed to measure the size of the required mattress.


And, it is fixed up! Yeahhhh! Alhamdulilah. I will put the pool noodle in front of the cot opening because I am a paranoid like that. I like this arrangement. Hahaha! Actually, all this depends on the baby. Dier suker, it is workable. Dier tak suker, must think of a back-up plan. And, whether it is easy for me to kluar katil by sliding out from the feet of the bed. So far, I can do it. Dnt know kla maseh boleh after the delivery. In sha Allah, boleh.

Next is to buy mattress. I think ni maybe next month ah.  I will look around kat pasar, kedai jual tilam or Kiddy Palace.

Oh! I thought of sewing the crib sheet. I surveyed2 fabric kat Spotlight. I love this dinosaur fabric in black and white. Look so clean, simple yet fun and boyish. Need to find mattress so I can know the measurement for the crib sheet. Might also sew bumper at the wall side. In sha Allah. I hope this smangat ke-rajin-an stays. I’m really full of energy this 2nd trimester. Like, I’m so driven and determined to settle the baby’s stuff. In sha Allah, everything goes well.

of Baby Market and things to buy

I will taking half day tomorrow. Weee! To celebrate my habibi’s birthday. Still have not decide where to eat.

The other thing I’m looking forward is Baby Market at Expo next week. I wanna buy Ergo Carrier, Alzipmat (I prefer the bold colour ones. Red, yellow, green & blue) and Tommee Tippee Anti-colic bottles. And, other stuffs that are cheaper there.

I have never been to this kind of fair before. I read that the crowd is really bad. Is this like the COMEX crowd? Tu mcm leh lemas seh masok. So many people. I went to COMEX fair once and I needed to go to the toilet for a breather. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. Not sure when we will go. Confirm not sat or sun as we will be going kampong for rayer. Might take half day on Thurs.

I will also order my arrow decals at Etsy soon. (When I have decided what colours I want the arrows to be. My first choice of decal is arrow and second is triangle. I’m still not 100% certain, tho). The nursery room dah functional but not aesthetically nice.

We also bought baby hangers in green colour for his wardrobe. The husband install another rod in the middle of the wardrobe since baby clothes are so short. We bought a total of 72 hangers from Babies-r-us! I was shocked seh biler dah keluar dari kedai. Banyak nyer beli.

1 packet (8 hangers) costs $4. Buy 2 get 1 free. So, I bought 6 packets got 3 free. Actually, tak banyak sangat considering 1 packet of onesies slalu ader 4-5 pieces. If I buy 2 packets, dah 10 hangers. Then, maybe his baju tdo and baju jln all. Oh well, better more than less since I’m quite anal about having all the hangers of the same colour. Ours are all white.

I bought few pieces of clothing from Cotton On Kids. They have such cute designs. I don’t like H&M & Mothercare baby boy clothes. Next, I will go Waterloo to stock up on his home clothes. Then, will start buying online from Carters, Old Navy and Singsale. Ni, maybe in November then I will buy.

Maybe we go Johor one of these days to stock up on nitty gritty stuff like soaps, powder, nail filer etc etc etc.

I will sign up for my EMMa package soon. Maybe next Saturday before my Antenatal class. The nurse informed me that the midwife can deliver the baby too as they are certified. That is a welcoming info indeed.

Am still not sure nak beli sterilizer or not since the usage period is quite short? Maybe, I will use the traditional method of boiling first. If it does not work well for us, we will proceed to buy sterilizer then.

The husband has looked around for aqiqah service too.

This whole process is scary and exciting at the same time. Like, for every step forward we took, I kept reminding myself to stay low and ingat that ni semuer milik Allah. Allah can take it back anytime. I think all expecting mothers understand this feeling. Excited and wary at the same time.

In sha Allah, everything goes well, the child delivered safely and healthily and grow up to be seorang yang beriman. Ameen.

of detailed scan at NUH Clinic G


We had our detailed scanning yesterday. So, both of us were not working yesterday. Best! We woke up late then cleaned the house a little then went down to pasar for our lunch and bought some grocery. He and his petai, sambal belacan and sambal terasi. Me and my roti, sayur bayam and fruits. Hahahaha!

Went back home for our zuhur then went to NUH for our 2.20pm appointment. I wore pink because I was opting for a baby girl. He wore blue since he is so wanting a lil Khalil Jr.

We arrived around 2.10pm. Dah season dah. Masok Clinic G, amek weight. My weight is 55.9kg. -__-. Then, took a urine test.

Proceeded to wait for my detailed scan. This time round, we got a really good sonographer. She is soft-spoken and explained to us what is what. Khalil also asked her many questions ah. Asked for weight, head measurement etc. You must ask kla tak, the sonograpgher just keep quiet do all the scanning. I kept asking what is on the screen. She explained about the 4 heart valves, the blood flow, my uterus, the 3 umbilical cords etc.

She asked whether we want to know the gender. We then went “YES!!!”.

So, Team Khalil wins! Alhamdulilah. See his gender oh-so-clearly!

Before going for the scan, I talked to the baby.

“Nanti biler nak scan, you show yourself clearly k sayang. Jangan hide. So that we all can know your gender. Then, Ibu can start buying clothes for you”.

Hahhaha. Biler dah abis dalam kereta and before sleeping. I told the baby “Anak Ibu so baik. He showed himself and let the sonographer scan his body”. And other mushy stuffs. Hahaha!

After the scan which took around 20-25minutes (I think. Was not keeping track of the time), we waited to see the doctor for consultation.

Nice young female lady accompanied by a Male doctor student. He was just sitting down observing. I asked all the questions I have.

Then, told her that I wanted to do a vaginal infection test. I do not have any itchiness, pain when peeing or any strong foul-smelling discharge but I do have a greenish discharge once and I just wanted to check. I don’t want any undetected infection causing harm to the baby. Procedure was straight-forward. Just a vaginal swap. The male doctor remained seated at the desk while the nurse and female doctor did the swap. We did the test at NUH since we have the female doctor. Can do at Polyclinic but not sure nanti dapat male or female doctor so might as well do since dah dapat female doctor.

So far, I have female doctors for my NUH appointments (trans-vaginal scan, vagina swap test etc).

I had a male doctor once at polyclinic. Tapi, kat polyclinic, he just checked pressed my tummy and did scan. So, okay lah.

Waited around 5-10 minutes to pay our bill. It was $145 after being subsidized. The vaginal swap was $45 before being subsidized. So, if you go for detailed scan at NUH Clinic G without that vaginal swap, it will be roughly around $100-$120.

Phew! Alhamdulilah. Everything went well.

Weight: 490g (70 percentile) 0 being very thin. 100 being very fat.

Head diameter: 5cm

Head circumference: 19cm

Can’t measure the length because the baby is curled up.

We were out of the clinic by 4pm. I think a chunk of the time is used to wait for my detailed scanning. Went in to see the sanographer at 3pm. But, it is faster than what we expected.

Alhamdulilah for everything.