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of diet, grocery and updates

We went to Johor, Bukit indah, yesterday to do some grocery shopping. They are having great sale at F.O.S and brands outlet shops. Like, really good deal stuff. We bought remaining stuff for Babylove and me such as maternity pads, nursing pads, baby oil and all that misc items. Oh! I bought this nursing pillow for only RM60 which is about sgd23! Alhamdulilah. I did not buy any nursing pillow because I find them a tad too expensive. I watched reviews on Youtube. Some moms swear by it. Some said it is redundant item. So, I was not willing to buy the nursing pillow. I thought I will make do with normal pillow and will only buy it when I think I need it.

So, seeing that it will only cost me $23, I went ahead to buy it. Yeah! Kla tk pakai pon, can use for tummy time.

We stocked up our grocery items. Will have a massive stock-up end of the month since both our families will come over quite frequently to our house when the time is nearing to EDD and after the birth. We just drink plain water and does not tidbits like biscuits or anything in our house. So, need to buy some bottled drinks and some simple food to steam, oven or fry and serve to the visitors.

The nursery is still in a mess. Will do it soon!

The baby weigh about 1.9kg last 2 weeks (32 weeks). This Friday, I will be having another check-up.  I hope his weigh gained to about 2.1kg. I’m not gaining any weight since the last appointment. Am still at 61.9kg. On one hand, I’m glad I’m not gaining weight but at the same time, I’m worried whether Babylove is gaining weight at a healthy rate. Will ask the doctor about this.

I hope he is able to at least gain 100gm per week so that his weigh will be at least 2.9kg when he is 40 weeks. If he delivered earlier, I hope he is at least 2.8 or 2.9kg. Will monitor his weight closely. Actually, to gain 1kg more in a month is quite possible kan? Just cannot gain too much, else, the baby will be too big and difficult to push out?

I try to control my diet. Not eating too much and not too little. So far, I have been eating bread for breakfast, together with some hot drinks like horlick, milo or soyabeans. For lunch, it is usually rice with chicken or protein and some veg. At times, I make myself tuna sandwich. For dinner, I usually eat a bowl of fruits with yogurt. But, I will alternatively change my dinner to something light or because I also want to prevent gestational diabetes (Too much of fruits and yogurt can be quite sugary). I don’t eat rice or noodle for dinner because I’m training myself for the confinement. Have been doing this for 2 weeks now.

My nenek and makcik told me to not eat any rice after 7pm and cold drinks during confinement. They say these are the 2 golden rules I should never ever break during confinement. Thus, I’m slowly abiding to these 2 golden rules now so that I will not go cold turkey during confinement. Make sense? Tapi, yogurt is served cold. Hmmm. Maybe I need to wait till it is room temperature then can consume? I try to follow the confinement rules as much as I can. At the end of the day, it is for the benefits of my own health. Intend to have more babies in the future, so must take care of the body! Hahahaha! Anyway, health is our amanah.

Anyway, will see how the baby weight goes. Will pump up his weight kla his weight is too little. I’m sure I have no issue eating. Hahahaha! Nak control diet lebih susah dari suruh makan. According to the chart, I gaining at the maximum rate. Oh well. In sha Allah, can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight after delivering later. Gaining weight can really affect my self-esteem. Hmmm.



of baking newbie

Hey hey,

Nowadays, I’m very smangat nak bake pasal oven baru pasang. I dnt really bake  at my mom’s place before this. Now, Im starting to love baking because I have the kitchen totally to myself and I have no one to kacau2. Yes, I’m a control freak when I’m doing my stuff. Hahhahaha!



Banana chocolate muffins.

My favourite because I super love banana and it is very light. Nothing too sweet or chocolatey. I especially love the crispy top part. I prefer a more balanced taste of banana and chocolate. The husband, however, prefers more chocolatey taste. He loves it when the muffin is full of melted chocolate. Made this for kenduri doa selamat last weekend.





Berry trifle. 

Very time-consuming but worth it. Made it for kenduri doa selamat.

IMG-20141029-WA0005 - Copy



Naked Chocolate Cake.

Made it during deepavali for my sister’s surprise birthday celebration. Love the chocolate ganache but I only ate 1 slice.

For the month of November, I wanna learn how to make tapak kuda, cinnamon rolls & new york cheesecake.

Now, tell me how to control my diet like this?

I have not buy my fabric to sew for the nursing cover and cot. The nursery is still halfway done. So many fun things to do, so little time!

of Baby Cot


My sis gave us baby cot. Alhamdulilah. I think we are the third owner for that cot. I think somebody gave the cot to her and she then passed the cot to me. Anyway, the cot is still in a great condition.

Knowing me, I’m the sort of person who kla dah smangat, will do it there and then. If I’m in my lazy mood, I will procrastinate for months and months.  Past few days, I’m in my smangat mode. So, the husband also have to help out. Kesian dier. Layankan his wife. Hehehehhe! He set up the cot yesterday for me because I wanted to make sure that it fits well and I can proceed to measure the size of the required mattress.


And, it is fixed up! Yeahhhh! Alhamdulilah. I will put the pool noodle in front of the cot opening because I am a paranoid like that. I like this arrangement. Hahaha! Actually, all this depends on the baby. Dier suker, it is workable. Dier tak suker, must think of a back-up plan. And, whether it is easy for me to kluar katil by sliding out from the feet of the bed. So far, I can do it. Dnt know kla maseh boleh after the delivery. In sha Allah, boleh.

Next is to buy mattress. I think ni maybe next month ah.  I will look around kat pasar, kedai jual tilam or Kiddy Palace.

Oh! I thought of sewing the crib sheet. I surveyed2 fabric kat Spotlight. I love this dinosaur fabric in black and white. Look so clean, simple yet fun and boyish. Need to find mattress so I can know the measurement for the crib sheet. Might also sew bumper at the wall side. In sha Allah. I hope this smangat ke-rajin-an stays. I’m really full of energy this 2nd trimester. Like, I’m so driven and determined to settle the baby’s stuff. In sha Allah, everything goes well.

of Nursery 2


I had an inspiration. Initially, I wanted a very typical nursery. You know, some tree decal with some animals like owls.

After sometime, the idea gets jaded because it is so overly-used and so baby-ish. Very hospital-nursery or shopping centre nursing room-ish or very paediatrician-clinic-ish. You get what I mean? So irritatingly baby-ish.

So, buying of decal was put on hold. Alhamdulilah I did not buy the birch tree decal that I initially wanted.

Now, I have a change of plan for the nursery. I want to make it more functional and long-lasting. Something that is relevant for at least 5 years to come.

So, here is my new plan! The room have 4 walls kan so, going anti-clockwise from the window wall:

  • 1st wall is for the window + curtains (breadth of the room) + wardrobe at the right corner
  • 2nd wall (the length of the room) will be covered with repetitive patterns + put the bed
  • 3rd wall (another breadth of the room) will be the changing area + crates on wall for storage
  • 4th wall (another length of the room) will be the door + activity wall + floating shelves at corner

room 1

1) To have a wall covered with repetitive patterns.


  • raindrops (I love this! More suitable for a girl, I think)
  • clouds (I find this a little annoying. Like, act cute. Hahaha!)
  • Pokka dots (love this too)
  • triangles (more boy-ish)

I can either order the decals online or make a template. Either make the template outline and paint  or make a template from a paper and mod-podge.

All photos from Pinterest.







pokka dots



The common thing about these 4 photos is that the wall is lightly coloured. My wall is mint. I need a really contrasting colour for the decals to pop out. Coral or pink would be nice if it is a girl? Maybe navy if it is a boy? Will it be too loud? Would pastel colour pop out nicely? Have not decide to make it colourful or only use 1 colour. And, I need to push the curtains open and add more lightings to make room brighter.

2) Kat the 4th wall, 1/3 of the wall terkeluar at the centre where the pillar is. So, will use this awkward portion of the wall as the activity wall. Will paint this wall a different colour. Like, a focal point.

For younger age, I think mirror would be nice.

mirror 2


Subsequently, can add more age-appropriate activities eg. sensory play

activity wall 1Activity wall 2


Activity wall 3


Cuteness of what?

Kla lebih besar, maybe paint it to chalkboard wall or flashcard holder or magnetic holder etc.


In sha Allah. May this be a smooth and easy pregnancy and delivery and we are to carry out our amanah well.

*Updated: This dark green wall + bright-coloured raindrops look nice too. Photo from Esty. Seller is Beepart. $30 for 48 pieces. Quite affordable eh? Maybe I need 2 packets. Each raindrop in 5″ tall & 3” wide. That is like 12.5cm x 7.5cm. Can choose 3 colours. Excited much!!

raindrops 3

 I love this bookshelf. Photos form Pinterest & Ikea.




of Cooking misadventure

I was reading my FB feed abeh read that the Confinement Food prepared by Dapur Ummi is filling up fast. November and December dah fully booked! What?! So fast? Ramai orang ker give birth? So, I already kanchiong spider ah.

My delivery is mid or end of January. Then, terfikir. Should I order for January or February? I enquired and she replied that they will start the delivery as and when is required. Means, you will inform them your EDD and update them when you are ready for the food to be delivered. Maybe tell them 2-3 days in advance when you just gave birth. By the time you discharge from hospital, can start the delivery.

So, I will placing my deposit today to book a slot for myself. Scary! Suddenly, feel so real. *Gulp!* Baru yesterday the husband said dier tak sabar nak jumper our Babylove. He said maseh ader 4 months before we get to see Babylove. In sha Allah. For me, excited but yet nervous. Still have loads of things to do and once January comes, our lives will totally change!

Oh! You know, I always stretched my legs and body the moment I woke up. Abeh this morning, I was stretching my legs and I got cramp on my left calf! Ouchness okay! Dari ngantok teros wide awake! I massaged2 it a bit and the husband slowly helped to stretch it.

Nowadays, I do feel some sharp pain or soreness at my soles after a long day. You know, after you sit or lie down then bangun, you will feel that sharpness at your soles as though you have been walking a lot, wearing a poor supported pair of shoes. But, my shoes okay what. Just the increased weight gain, I guess.

So, I guess now everytime sebelom tido kene buat stretching dulu with my long colourful socks. Hahahhahahaha! Nak tdo ker nak main bola? Hahhahahahahha!! *Alert: Sexiness level is negative!*  HAHAHAHAHA!!

Anyway, yesterday I attempted to cook lauk singgang for the first time. The ingredients macam senang ah. So, my confidence level was really  really high.

Then halfway, fikir asal mcm doesn’t look promising. I think the husband saw my face abeh dah pre-empt me, ‘’Yang, kla tk menjadik, you jangan nangis eh. Ni kan learning process. Practice makes perfect’’. Hahahahahahha! I don’t know whether I should feel sad at his lack of confidence for my cooking skills or feel touched that he don’t mind that the lauk will fail and cares for my feelings instead. Hahahhaha!

Yes, there were several incidents I tried to cook abeh tak menjadik. Frustrated and tired, I will just switch off the fire, go to the bedroom and cry. The husband will clean up the mess and buy some food for us. I will feel so shitty for failing to cook a decent meal for him. Hahahaha! Emo seh!

And, it’s true. The lauk really tak sedap ah. I looked through the recipe and realised luper nak masokkan air asam. -__-. Such a noobie mistake.

Tapi, dah masokkan still taste so bland or raw. Called up my sis. Suruh masokkan garam. The taste still off. At this point, dah mcm bingit giler ah. So, I off the api and eat first. Can’t continue if I’m pissed and hungry. Lepas makan, tried putting in some sugar and garam and more air asam and blend more bawang putih. I just can’t pinpoint what the lauk lacks! Like, I can taste the garam and chilli distinctly but the rest of the taste mcm really fade or weak at the background. Get it? Is it because I didn’t tumis properly or add the water too early? I don’t know whether it is the ingredients or the cara masak salah.

I was so hampa already. I just feel like leaving everything and collapsed in my bed. Tapi, matured me stayed on. But, just me slouching at the dining table with my miserable face. The husband took over and slowly add air asam bit by bit. Eventually, the taste gets better. Not as nice as how my mom or dad cooks but good enough for us lah. The lauk from ½ jadik ¾ after all the adding of air asam and other stuff.

Put the kacang panjang in and it gets better. So, okaylah. Tonight, I’m not cooking. Grrrr!!!! But, I shall not give up. Must persevere to learn how to cook. Hmpft!!!


of kitchen reno


Today is Thursday. One more day to the weekend. So looking forward to the weekend! Oh yeahhhh. Oh! The kitchen is completed !

Alhamdulilah. Feels weird to have a proper functional kitchen with countertop space to work on. Yesterday while I was working, his friends came over to cook spaghetti. They had a boy’s day out yesterday. Actually, it is a boys and a girl day out. His close friends. Khalil and his friends went to JB to pump fuel and buy some grocery. They went back to our house to cook some spaghetti and hang out.

Malam, his colleagues came over for a while because they need to collect some stuffs.

Opps, I digress. Why am I telling you guys who came over and do what. Tak perlu. Hahhaha!

Okay, back to the kitchen reno. Pictures from Pakumaju IG.







They did a great job, I must say. The lightings at the counter was recommended and added by Pakumaju. Cool eh. It was not in my design plan. Biler tgh in the midst of the reno, he added the electrical points and whatsapped us the photos. He said it would look nice. And, it obviously did.

I love their service. Very relaxed yet they do their work well. We wanted to engage another contractor. Had fixed appointment with them to place a deposit. However, the person in charge did not turn up. Was pissed because we waited whole of Saturday afternoon for him abeh tk datang. Waste my Saturday seh. We just whatsapped him to forget about it. But, in a more diplomatic way lah. Blessing in disguise, because next alternative is Pakumaju.

I’m glad I follow my guts and just choose a ‘wooden’ type of counter top. Loads of people say it is hard to maintain. Maybe it is too early to say but for now, I’m lovin’ it! I will upload a photo of the lived-in kitchen, if I’m rajin.

We have not put the stuff in the cabinet yet. Weekend ah. Still need to put the alas thingie in the cabinet. Very the lazy seh. I bought 2 rolls abeh tak cukup. Must go pasar again and buy some more. I buy the plastic type instead of the paper.

Oh, I’m looking for a glass canisters for sugar and salt. Maybe flour also. I don’t know where to buy them from. If I can’t find such canisters, I will just buy the glass jars from Ikea and paste decal like the photo below. Got them from Pinterest. I think ni maybe next month buat ah. Nowadays, I’m in my lazy mood.




The Phase 1 of kitchen reno is completed. Phase 2 is to plaster the remaining walls in the kitchen. There are 4 walls to plaster, including the kitchen window wall. Existing are square tiles. We wanna plaster the tiles and paint the walls. Maybe in cream colour with dark grey for one wall as a focal point? Not sure yet. But, since the dining table is in the kitchen, we wanna make it more dining-ish and cosier (with a long horizontal mirror & lightings).

We already bought the lightings for the dining table when we went for our honeymoon. Just that, kiter belom call electrician to install them. Yupz, we can be the king & queen of procrastinators sometimes. Sooooooonnnnnnnn.

The reno took about a month to complete. We started the reno I think a week after Raya. Hahahahaha! Orang lain rayer rumah bersih, ours in the midst of reno. Since we are living there, it can get quite dusty. I was like a mad women ah. Everyday, I will vacuum and mop the whole house. Hard part over! I really love the whole outcome. Alhamdulilah.

Would I recommend Pakumaju? Definitely! 🙂

of updates again

A kind soul gave me a box of unopened Avent breastshells. It contained 2 shells with ventilation holes for protecting the nipples against abrasion. 2 shells without ventilation holes to collect breast milk and 2 soft breast pads. Alhamdulilah. One thing checked off in my list of things to buy.

I made a list of things that I need to buy. I always have an excel sheet on how I will spend my monthly pay. Yes, I’m that kind of person. I put budget for everything. I even put budget on how much I can spend on food and entertainment monthly.

And, the truth is, I enjoy making all this excel sheets and lists of things to do / buy.

For the month of September, things to buy:

1) Medela harmony pump

2) Spectra M1 pump

3) Maternity clothing

4) Compartment boxes for chest aka changing table (nursery)

5) 4 crates to install above chest to store diapers and decorative items

I decided to buy the expensive / important items first then buy the baby’s clothing then all the small lil items.

I just feel safer knowing that all the big ticket items dah settle. Some people advised to buy the breast pumps after delivery but I decided to just buy now jer. I know breastfeeding journey is tough and unpredictable but I want to be as prepared as possible. I hope and pray I’m able to breastfeed. In sha Allah. Ameen.

The single bed with pull-out will arrive this Sat. Excited! One more thing settled for the nursery.

 So far, we have:

1) Chest given by my sis but have not collected from her place

2) A cupboard for Sugarlove’s stuffs

3) A single bed with pull-out for whoever yang come over to sleep at our place

For nursery, I’m left with decorating to make it nicer.

I’ve decided to buy Spectra M1 instead of Medela Freestyle after reading tonnes of reviews, stalking FB group pages and watching reviews at Youtube.

For the house, the kitchen cabinet will be done end of this week. Actually, we can finish by today but we decided to postpone few days as we are not able to take leave. So, this Sunday I will be busy laying the protective sheet in the cabinets. You know, the lil foam sheet our mak letak kat cabinets / drawers. Then, I will put back all our pinggan mangkuk and all the beras gula etc. We need to also stock up grocery. Sesungguhnya, we have been eating outside for nearly a month. Just can’t wait for eat some home-cooked food.

We have mainly completed the whole house. After nearly more than 1 year upon receiving the keys and 11 months of staying here, we managed to complete the works to make it comfy and functional. Alhamdulilah. I’m so grateful we need not take up any loans. Mainly because it is an old flat bought via balance sale. The house came with flooring, a sink and a counter top. These 3 items really save us loads of moolah. Because we have a sink and counter top, we can delay our kitchen reno. We bought the stove and gas cylinder cooking. It is really ugly but it serves it purpose and we manage to cook for our meals. I wished I have taken some photos before they did the kitchen reno. Alhamdulilah. I’m really glad the kitchen reno will complete soon.


of Updates


My sis will be giving us the chest that she used as the changing table. So, one more item saved. She is giving me a lot of baby’s stuff.  Alhamdulilah. She gave me a set of pacifiers because she bought a bottle for her son abeh ader pacifier in the pack. Hahhahaha! So weird to have pacifier as the first item for the baby. Actually, I bought an Arabic number poster when I was only 4-5 weeks pregnant. Tu pon because I was at the Islamic Book Fair. So, beli jer.

My sis already passed me some of her maternity clothes but I haven’t wear them since I can still wear my normal clothes. She will be giving us 2 cots, 1 chest, strollers and other stuff. Alhamdulilah. It is really a huge relief to get all these items because kiter tak payah susah2 nak research and look around. Knowing me, it will take foreverrrr for me to decide on 1 item. And, it is cute to use my nephew’s nyer barang. Like, some sentimental value like that. And, it saves us money! Hahahhaha!

Oh! I signed up for NUH antenatal class. Before this, I did not really think about it. Then, one of the moms in the forum shared this info. Since, the program is very comprehensive, affordable and the timing is convenient, might as well sign up for it. We will start the lesson on 20th September which is very same day as our 1st anniversary. Hahahhaha! Sweetness!

What else? Seriously, I’m quite free at work so mcm banyak time used for surfing the net. Opps! Hahahhaha. But, I still do my work and complete them on time what. Hehe!

I read reviews on breast pumps. I’m the sort of person who will really read, research and google before making a decision. I can’t go to a shop and randomly buy something without thinking through everything. So, that is what I have been doing. Reading reviews on breast pumps, watching Youtube videos on demonstrations, reading their websites, comparing prices etc.

After all this research, I think Medela Freestyle is my 1st option. Ni based on reviews and my preference jer. At the end of the day, still depends on the body’s compatibility. Even then, I’m still not sure and will not buy immediately. I will think about it. Sit on it. For months? Hahaha!

Annndddd, the contractor will be hacking the kitchen this Thursday. Oh yeah! Like, finally kan? We moved in Oct last year. Now, Aug, baru nak start on the kitchen. Oh well. Took foreverrrrrrr to find contractors, wait for quotes, wait for their replies.

Dah dapat contractors’ quote,s it took me forever to decide on the design and cabinet colour.

I finally choose white cabinet doors with wooden-looking counter top. No upper cabinets. The tile will be subway tiles with black grout. The cooker hob, hood and sink are black in colour. I hope it turn out well. In sha Allah. Ameen.

of Nursery

I know it is still early to do the nursery but I hate last minute preparations and since I’m free, still mobile and energetic, might as well do it right? In addition, the room need to be painted for raya also.




Painted the room mint. Since we have not know the gender, we choose a gender-neutral colour. Will add accent colours when we know the gender.



Got this from Pinterest.

We already have the dark brown cupboard.

I bgt the bed I talked about. Delivery will be end of the month.

Things to add on:

1) Chest for changing station from IKEA



2) Crates above changing station for storage. To paint the crates  navy for a boy or coral for a girl.

Thought of placing a wooden plank on the chest like in the photo below (from Pinterest). This is just for the aesthetic reason and to tie the dark bed and cupboard  together.


3) Wall decal for the Playing Corner



brown decal 2


brown decal


I think brown wall decal looks nicer on the mint wall. But, still have not decide. I prefer the first wall decal. The owls are cuter. But, the husband does not really fancy having animal pictures in the house. So, maybe not paste birds and owls? But, the owls so cute!

4) Soft tile mat for Playing Corner

5) Little book shelves for the playing cornerdecal, bin & book shelves

6)  Mirror at Playing Corner

mirror 2

7) Cute owl hook from IKEA.

vandring $7.90


7) Some mint stuff from IKEA

bin $19.90


trolley $89

8) Some cute framed arts or wordings

All images are from Pinterest or Google.

It gonna be a close progress. In sha Allah. Kiter rancang, Allah menentukan. May this be a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Moga Allah permudahkan. Ameen.

of Raya Preps

I’m really itching to buy something baby-related. Arrghhh! So hard to resist. Let me indulge a little and plan out the nursery.

I’m kinda of done with Raya preparation. Kuih dah masokkan dalam tmpt kuih. Washed 2 fans. 2 rooms dah kemas. The master bedroom and kitchen last minute boleh kemas. Kemas hari2 pon tetap berselerak.

The husband is left with the frame gallery. Kene hang the frames up. Baju raya dah ironed. Tudung dah beli. Duit rayer dah withdraw and set aside. Envelopes dah beli. Need to change money to small notes.

Excuse the Ms List in me. I want to do up a list of things to do for Raya:

  • Need to wash 1 standing fan and wipe 2 ceiling fans
  • Wipe the windows
  • Buy Mascara (Hahahaha! Selama ni, I just borrowed my sis’s nyer make-up stash. I only own a BB cream and lipstick. Act Au-Naturel padahal I know nuts about make-up)
  • Wash toilets
  •  Change money to small notes
  • Oh, lay the grass carpet at recessed area. -__-.

I’m more interested in baby-related stuff. Or something more fun. I’m tired of cleaning and boring stuffs. -__-.



The husband painted the recessed area. So bright and bubbly. Hahahaha. We used the same colour as the nursery because we have leftover and kinda love the happy colour. He wanted to put grass carpet on the floor. Dier smangat. He went to Angsana and bought the grass carpet. Will do it on Friday. That will be the only thing we will do out here.

In long term, we would love to install a cabinet with locks to store bulky items since we do not have a store room.

We don’t wanna install gates bcos mcm feel so trapped. We have this idea of installing dark-stained fences. Something that is just half-height. Maybe with a gap in between. No need gate. Not much of a security function. Just to create a little boundary line. But in this household, works that involve carpenter, contractor or some external professional, it will takes years to complete because we just hate the liaising with contractor part. I think ni maybe will be in the extermely lonnnggggg term plan. Hahahaha!!!