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of DIYs and the real day


Blogging mojo is back. I want to share all the DIYs that we did and how they look on the actual day.

1) Bridal bouquet







2) Pulut stand




3) Our name initials

The basket was from Daiso.



3) Ferreo rocher tree as hantaran


4) Hantaran

Not the prettiest but I’m happy with it. DIY hantaran takes a lot of my time but it is another way of reducing the amount spent on the wedding. Done by everybody.








I bought the cake from myfavouritet. Super love the friendly, fast and hassle-free service.



5) ‘Mr and Mrs’ Signages done by my elder sis and cousin

  • My cousin bought the plywood from Arts Friend.
  • Then, my sis traced the wording using a pencil onto the plywood.
  • Colour the wordings
  • Poke in the screw
  • Braid the twine and add ribbons






6) Directional signages done by my younger sis



7) Name signage done by my younger sis and her colleague. Her colleague helped to saw and nail.  Alhamdulilah.




8) Food menu done by my talented sis. Alhamdulilah.



9) Table set-up done by my aunt

IMG_4449 2

10) Bridal room

  • Canopy bought from Bali (Kedai jual hammock and canopy). Canopy is a killer to iron! Used steam iron to iron the canopy. Seriously penat.
  • Curtains from IKEA
  • Butterflies from Johor. I glue-gunned the butterflies to pins and pinned them onto the canopy.
  • Faux sheep rug from IKEA
  • DIY bedside tables





11) Hennna

To make the inai straight, use scotch tape.Tight. Worth the pain. But, not so tight your fingers turn blue.

The photos here are edited.




This photo is not edited and after single application. Was taken on Thursday night. I put on second application on Friday night.


12) Bridal shoes

Not DIY but this is how I choose the shoes. Am glad that it matches all 3 outfits and was comfortable. I added padding for cushions and to prevent blisters. Yes, I’m paranoid like that. Last thing I want on my wedding day are blisters. The last dress is long so can’t see the shoes.





A little advice,try to DIY as much as you can. Try to save as much money because it is not worth wasting your hard-earned money on your wedding.

At the end of the day, it feels so satisfying to see the products of your effort. It is heart-warming to see many people chipping in and helping out. That’s what make the wedding memorable. It is the story behind each item. The love and effort others had put in. That is what makes your heart tingles when you looked back on you wedding and feel so loved by your family and friends.

The wedding will make you realised how small you are and how much you need your family and friends in your life. Morbid as it sounds, these are the same people who will ususkan your jenazah when you passed away later. InshaAllah.

The wedding will definitely make you appreciate your loved ones. Alhamdulilah.


of Azure Wedding Concept


Hahahhahaha! Thousand years have passed baru nak update. Miss blogging so much!

Okay, I think few peepz messsaged me about Azure Wedding Concept. Sorry lambat reply. Hmmm, how I find their service?

  • Affordable. $2K for whole decor. Cake and cupcakes are given as freebies. The cake and cupcakes are surprisingly delicious. Bubblegum flavour.I save a lot on decor because decor is expensive! My budget for decor memang $2K. It took me like foreverrr to find a nice and affordable decor. Kla lawa, mahal. If affordable, very obit. The drapings are so old school type. Like, decor is one of the kecoh part when sourcing for vendor. So, biler gi Expo and know about Azure Wedding Concept, I was so relieved.
  • Pretty decor. The decor is undeniably pretty. I love the soft colours. I love the huge dias. I love the simple and airy concept. It feels fresh and relaxing. Nothing vibrant or strong. Just pastel-ish and quiet kind of decor.
  • Not proactive. It will be better if they come forward and update me on when to have a meet-up in regards to the decor colours or site recce instead of me trying to fix an appointment with them. It was especially hard and disturbing. 2 weeks prior to the wedding and they have not contact me for confirmation, site recce or any form of assurance. Tapi, ni not such a big issue if you are laid-back kinda person.
  • Forgeting about our appointment and not coming at all. 1st appointment was supposed to be at their office at 8pm to choose my colours, they forgot. I was at their office, called them and they forgot about the appointment. So, we pushed the appointment to 10pm. In the meantime, we went to run errands.2nd appointment was for them to come to my void deck for site recce at 11pm. 11.30pm msged them whether they are coming. They say they can’t make it because they have not finish decorating at another site. Was pissed because they did not msg us earlier to inform. I pushed the whole thing to my dad to handle because I was pissed but do not wish to be a bridezilla about it.
  • Drama on Friday night. Okay, I do not wish to ceriter what happened because this is a review and what happened to me will not happen to you. It is a fair share of faults between my side and their side. However, I believe they are able to do better with customer service. I did cry on Friday night but isn’t that just part of wedding preparation? What is a wedding preparation without dugaan, tears,frustrations and plain heartache? On a bright side, this was very minor as compared to what other people faced eg. no show vendor, vendor tak cukup makanan or vendor tipu duit.
  • Drama after the majlis.

At the end of the whole saga, we made up. Like I say, this is my point of view. You must listen to both sides before judging them.

So, would I recommend them?

Yes, for the pretty decor! I mean, after the whole wedding, you forget about the drama. Your photos will stay.

Not sure, if you are very petty and particular. Maybe, they have improved. Maybe,it only happened to me. Don’t judge them just by my experience.

At the end of the day, just meet up with them and follow your guts.

For me, I’m glad I choose them because I super-duper love the decor and it is just so me! Just improve on the customer service and I’m sure they will be soaring high!

I did not request for entire wall wraps (The package kasi 6 pillar wraps). Initially I wanted to tapi changed my mind. Glad I did because it looked simple and airy without much clutter. Alhamdulilah the blue and white pillars compliments the blue, pink and white decor. And, both the kerusi makan and pelamin are super comfy!









Meja Pengantin

(The decor on the table and signages were done by us tapi look how big the chairs are!)



The Arch


Cake and cupcakes

IMG_4451 2

IMG_4453 3


It is 4.45am right now and Im still awake. Cos there are a few things need to be done and loads of cleaning up to do. I have loads of fun hanging out with my family and friends while berrewang. A lil hump on the road with the decor peepz but bismillahi tawalkaltu. Oh well, thats part of wedding isnt it.

Im not feeling nervous. I feel quite excited in fact. Im really enjoying it. Tapi, shall not expect much and will just let go. We shall hold on to the motto that we have been holding on all along: Kiter nak nikah and be together. Not to have a fairytale wedding.

With this in mind, it is much easier to just shrug and let go when there are delays or when faced with difficult peepz.

I feel kesian for my parents, siblings, family members and friends bcos they are so tired. I cried just now while laying with my mom cos im sad. Its dark so she did not know.

Am sad to see my parents tired. Sad to see how hard they work and give utmost best in carrying out their amanah as parents. Sad to know that I was not able to be the daughter they deserve. Im sad of being apart from my parents. Im sad because Im happy.

Wanna sleep for a while. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami, Yang Maha Pendengar. Ameen.

of butterflies in stomach

Hi there,

You know that feeling you walk around the house to do stuff but you just don’t know where to start? Ya, I’m feeling that right now. Have loads of things to do but just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. So, I come here to blog and straighten my thoughts out.

Okay, things to do:


  •  Iron the canopy
  • Clean, dust, sweep and mop room


  • Clean, dust, sweep and mop
  • Wash toilets


  • Go for fitting
  • Buy tudung
  • Pay bill
  • Pay for cake
  • Iron clothes
  • Do up and email script for Graduation

I’ve managed to clean my house yesterday. We mopped and tidied the place up. That house is super dusty. Tak tahu beraper kali dah siram air, sweep and mop pon maseh dusty. Grrr! Anyway, I saw a huge dark brown cicak yesterday in the house. I freaked out and screamed! Arrrghhh! That is so irritating. I will not feel relaxed until I know the cicak is dead or out of the house. Grrrr!!!

4 more days to the wedding. How am I feeling right now? Hmm, stressed out bcos macam banyak bender nak buat tapi actually tak banyak sangat cumer am just feeling anxious and on my toes.

Next week, I’m married. No big deal but it is the small little things that make me nervous. Like, how do I look when I wake up? What if I have a bad stomachache and go toilet then it will be so smelly and stink his whole kitchen? Hahahaha!! Or what if he gets disgusted to see strands of hair on the bed or on the floor or in the toilet? Their house is male-dominated.

But, at the same time, I’m super excited! Excited to meet him, hold his hand and just be happy, basked in love.

Breathe in and relax. It feels surreal to have people rewang in your house for your wedding day.

I do not want to be nervous. When I’m nervous, I will feel nauseous, have bad stomach cramps, have super cold palms, just wanna pee and just can’t keep still. Hahaha. Seriously, that is how I was like before presentations or exam results.

In sh allah, segale berjalan dengan lancar.

Olritey then. Muackhz.


of a week away


I’m feeling sad, nostalgic, home-sick. The feeling of having to let go. I’m a crybaby on normal days. Imagine how many times these eyes get watery nowadays.

I think my parents are feeling the same way too. My mom and I had a private conversation yesterday in my room while pasang langsir. The mother to daughter kind of conversation. She told me to always listen to my future mother-in-law, be nice to his family members, never ever kira-mengira with them, be generous with them, treat my husband well etc.

I think this is the hardest part of getting married. Ya, even after getting married we will meet but I don’t know why I am so sad. I think it is because time is moving too fast. You realised how temporary this world is. One moment you’re in primary school then you’re in teenage years then you start working then now? Now, I’m getting married. My parents are old. We are all getting old. It crushes my heart to see my parents’ bodies changing, moving with time.

You know I have this makcik who I treat like my 2nd mom. She and her husband accompanied my to IKEA yesterday. Just the 3 of us and it felt so great to spend some quality time with them.

Do all the BTBs secretly cry in the bathrooms /bedrooms or is it just me being super emotional and crybaby?


Moving on to less emotional stuff, I need to:

1) Iron the canopy

2) Wash toilets

3) Clean house

4) E-portfolio

Oh, did I mention the school wanted to send me for diploma and have me bonded for 6 years? Of course, I said no because 6 years is long time. Anything can happen.

If I break the bond, I pay $12k. If I pay for my own diploma, I pay $3k. Work it out.

Talked to the management and negotiated to pay for my diploma so that I need not bond but they refused due to company policy.

Then she asked me what is my take on that. I told her I have no choice but to take up either full-time diploma or to take up part-time diploma and move on to a new job next year. Of course, I will not ditch the job in mid of school term. Well, I say it in a more diplomatic manner. She said it is a waste since we have started to settle down and beginning to bond nicely with each other.

The next day, she called up and informed me that she understands that it is overwhelming for me with so many changes and uncertainties in my life right now and she told me to settle down first and continue working till next year.

Next year, she will bring up the signing of diploma course and bond thingie again.

I’m touched by her gesture. Truly.

But, I also know this is just to buy time. I will still need to make a decision. To leave or to be bonded for 6 years. To leave to another Islamic kindergarten or to go back to facilities line.

Anyway, we will think about this later k.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Penny University to have some nice cupcakes and have a really nice girlie conversations with my babes. Then, I will look for towel because Future Husband will be staying over at my place for a night before going over to his place.

Oh, we have the little details planned out.

Kiter kan nikah kat bawah blk. Reason being my dad cant sit on the floor. So, to have the akad in the house with everyone on the floor while my dad sits on the chair is a lil weird, I think.

So, we will do the akad nikah at the void deck with the men sitting at the table. After the nikah, we will proceed to the Khemah Solat to solat sunnat then go out to  the dias to salam and do all that kissing on forehead stuff.

In sha allah.

2.30am right now  and I’m gonna watch New Girl. Weee! Am grateful for this holiday break.

of 12 days left


12 days left. Weee! Exciting yet super nervous. Okay, I’m so making a list to declutter my head. Haha.

Just now, I cleaned up my room a little and tried the bedsheet on. Yeah. The room is starting to shape up. Alhamdulillah.

Things to do:

1) Curtains

2) Canopy

3) Rug

4) Misc

bed 1




bed 2


Things to do by Saturday (14/09):

1) Finish up room

3) Print menu labels, directional signages & hantaran labels (Tuesday)

4) Finish up the arrow (excited about this!)

5) Finish up name initials (Monday)

6) Go Far East Flora to order flowers (Excited about this too!)

7) Clean house

8) Corset

Next week

1) Final fitting (Monday)

2) Hantaran (By Tuesday)

3) Finalise Room (By Tuesday)

4) Take fans from my house (Tuesday / Wednesday)

5) Inai (Thursday)

6) Sirih dara (Friday)

7) Bunga rampai (Friday / Sat Morning)

In sha allah. Ya Allah, in midst of all this chaos and preparations, do not allow me to be swept away with this worldly worries and protect us from doing all that is inappropriate. Moga majlis ini diberkatiMu. May our marriage and all the marriages in the world blessed by You and may it last till Jannah. Ameen.

of side tables

Hello hello,

You know, I’m a little pissed with one of the vendors right now. But  my sweet mom cakap ‘Biarlah, kiter bukan nyer kelam-kabut’. Alhamdulilah. My mom, forever the cooling water to my emotions. I shall handle this when I’m in a better mood.

Anyway, lets move on to happier stuff. I’ve painted the side tables!! Weeee! Alhamdulilah. Hahaha. Sometimes, I really wanna laugh at my smangat kekentalness.


It started with these.

Then I bought Zinsser Primer and White emulsion paint. Both the small cans.

2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

I just hate it when you pour the paint from the can then the sides of the can comot2. I also hate the cleaning up part too.

So, this time round, since I will only be using small amount of paint, I have a smart idea. Hahahaha!

I used a spoon and scooped up 10 spoonful of primer/paint onto a plastic plate.  Like how you scoop yogurt from a tub.

So, tak comot and no need to wash the tray. Just throw away the plastic plate. I used a cardboard to roll the roller before painting.

I did not need loads of primer & paint for these side tables. I only used 1/6 of the can content.


That’s Lisa Surihani. Hahahaha. See, sides of can very clean. Yes, I can be quite anal at times.

paintingIn progress.

Yupz, I painted in my room with the window opened and fan switched on for ventilation. Malas nak angkat the paint stuff and side tables to balcony or lift landing.

Niway, sambil tunggu paint kering, boleh baring kat katil.


Cleaning up. Just throw away the newspaper, cardboard, plastic plate and spoon.

Yeah! Best part ever! The roller can throw too if you are lazy to wash.




My babies all white now. Hehehehe.

Semangat kental kan. Hahaha. But, it is fun tao. Sourcing for stuff. Painting them. In the future, I might paint them in some cute colour. As for now, you  shall be white, lil babies.

Next thing on the list is the curtain. In sha allah.

Alhamdulilah for everything.

of updates


Wee!! It Teachers Day tomorrow so no school yo! It feels so good to end the Term. All the kecoh part is over for now.

This is what I was doing at 1am few days back, doing some filling in a messy room.


Room in a mess but I’m loving it because my bed dah delivered.

It’s queen size but so tinggi. I think cos kat bawah ader storage area. It is his requirement to have a boxed up bed. I dont noe how to explain. He just want a bed yang covered cos he dont want any dust accumulating under the bed. Ya, I prefer that kind of bed too. Maybe because I secretly still imagine something hiding under the bed and waiting to pull my feet.

My requirement is that the bed has to be white. I just love it white although senang kotor.

I love the bed.I feel like a queen. Am enjoying this massive bed all to myself. Hahaha.

I’m definitely feeling less stressed out now. Weee! School holiday people! I have like 1 week to focus on my wedding preparation. Yeah!

Oh! I need to email the itinerary to him. Even the Groom-to-be is chasing me. Oh ya! He wants me to pass over my shoes to him tomorrow because he needs to pass all his items to his orang yang buat dulang.


My dad has been bugging me to write the invitation cards but the last few days busy semacam kat keje. End up, he wrote all them himself. Sorry :(. And, I need to scan the invitation card for my mom because she needs to email it to her friends. Okay, by tonight I will do it.

Oh! I bought 2 side tables last week. Ni last minute ah. I’ve been looking for side tables kan abeh like so susah to find a suitable one which is affordable. I ddnt know 1 side table can cost you $70-$100+. What? For one small table to put your alarm clock and stuff?

Then, I checked gumtree and found IKEA malm side tables for $20 each.

side tables

Actual retail price is $70. What, $140 for side tables? Sorry for sounding so kemot but for $140 I can buy bender yang lebih penting such as books or clothes or books or books or books or more books. Imagine how many books I can buy for $140? So, that is why buying of side tables was put on hold until recently. I emailed the seller at 4am and she replied me at 8am. I replied her at 11am and by 12pm, I was at her house collecting the side tables.

These side tables berat okay. Nampak kecik but berat. Good thing the lady is kind enough to help me angkat from her house to the carpark because I went there alone. I don’t go and buy stuff alone but since this is a last minute thingy and I was already outside, so just pergi jer.

You know, I’ve been buying second-hand furniture quite a lot recently and some people commented ‘Huh?! Secondhand?’ or ‘you are so Karang guni’. I know secondhand items are not for everyone. But, come on lah. I don’t need those kind of comments.  You don’t like, so be it. Do not impose your preference on other people.

Like, why spend more for the same item? Ya, it is used but it is still in good condition. What makes you think the item you bought straight from the store is in tip-top condition. Along the way, people have throw and stepped on your wooden planks. Anyway, so what if other people has used it?

Also, i think it is time to be eco-friendly and think for the future generations. These people who do not need these stuff will throw them away when nobody wants to buy them. Why throw a good piece of wood when you can salvage and re-use it. Why buy and throw? Then cut more trees and use more cardboard for packaging? Just a good wipe and a new coat of paint and it is good to go.

Macam quite irritating ah when people are so judgemental. Tahulah my house semuer barang secondhand but seriously, I dnt see any problem with that ah. Although I have to admit, I did cry cos I was hurt by that remark.

I would love to paint them white in the future but for the wedding, I think I will just keep them that way because macam tak sempat nak paint but if I’m rajin, I might do it these few days.

Okay, what else? Oh! My parents bought the candy items but I have not take a look at them. Weee!

Things to do:

1) Finish up my initials

2) Clean and prepare room

3) Massive clean-up for the house

4) Buy curtain (My mom wanted to buy kain and asked me to jahit. Tapi the sewing machine is at the new house. We see how it goes. Hope she see something that is ready-made which caught her fancy. For me, white curtain is good enough)

I can’t believe the wedding is in 15 more days and I’m still thinking of sewing a curtain and painting the side tables. Hahaha. In sha allah.

Oh! the decor ppl still have not get back to me when they want to arrange for a site recce. I smsed the lady on Sunday. Emailed on Tuesday. Still no confirmation. Grrr! I’m giving them till tomorrow evening to revert and confirm. If not, I think I’m gonna msg them again. Hahaha. Sound so fierce jer padahal tak.

I seriously want a pleasing working relationship. Tapi, if I do not have a solid answer by this weekend, I’m so gonna be pissed. *Relaxs, no bitchy attitude okay. I want to be a nice pleasant bride*.

Olritey. Till next time. In sha allah.

Panic Mode on

Okay, its September already! Seriously, I have 1001 things to do and I’m like so all over the place seh. Macam so scattered brain. I’m freaking out!

I bought jubah tadik. I kind of do not need a jubah right now but I bought it bcos my friend bought it and I thought it would be good to buy because it is on sale and I can wear it when I go visiting although I know that I’m kinda broke right now. And, I bought 2 cute girly t-shirts so that I have something new to wear when I move in to his house. I bought a telekong too bcos I think I need a new telekong for my workplace although that is not the most important thing to buy right now. I bought 4 spaghetti tops and 1 legging for $37. Seriously, I’m so scattered-brain about the wedding that I can’t think straight. Padahal, I need to buy some clay. -__-.

Okay, breathe in.

Things to do by 01/09:

1) Order cake (I don’t know why it is so hard to decide and just order a cake. I can choose my 3 wedding outfits in 2 hrs but it took me more than 2 months to order a cake).

2) Clean room (The state of my room can really make me cry. My bed is coming on Monday. Which is tomorrow but my room is in such a total mess! *Pull hair!*)

3) Buy clay and finish up the initials and stand

4) Type itinerary

Things to do by this week:

1) Bestmen to meet bridesmaids (Ya, this will be the first time they are meeting. My friends and his friends are like the sun and the moon. Oh well. They will click somehow. If not, they just need to liaise and update their whereabouts. )

2) Meet decor people to confirm the layout and stuff

3) Buy a corset

Actually kan, when I make a list macam nothing much to do. Then, somehow later, I will remember there is something that need to be done. Like, how I suddenly asked him whether he has a pair of black shoes to go with his suit. All this while, we talked about his capal. Then, he looked at me and realised that he totally forgot about black shoes! Omg. To make matter worse, Im trying to prepare the beats and rhythms for my class stomp performance and I have portfolio to prepare. And, staff event coming up and trying to finish up Term 3 lesson plans while preparing for Term 4. *Cry!!*

I think I’m forgoing my massage because macam tk sempat and I have loads of things to do and right now, going for a massage is like the least important thing to do. Hmmm.

Okay, in the midst of this mess. There are loads of sweet moments. You know, I suddenly started to like Melissa shoes. He knew about this and just know he whatsapped me which colour I want and whats my size because he is buying it for me. Awww. Sweetness kan. And, he said that his room is not asyura-friendly and he is in progress of making it asyura-friendly. Hahaha. The idea of him cleaning his room and making space for me, buying towels and toiletries for me so that I can comfortably move in to his place with everything all prepared is just so comforting and sweet. Like, he never buy me a towel before. Duh, why would he want to buy me a towel for?

Okay, the battle has begun! I shall go on a full-throttle sprint and prepare the wedding like a gung-ho bride. All out yo! No more procrastination. No more hiding. Wedding is in 20 days time. It is just a wedding. What’s there to be scared of? Let me tell you, sometimes, I can’t sleep at night. Ntah, macam nervouse seh. Nervous for the wedding, marriage, living together, being committed. Trying not to sound dramatic but I will have someone beside me 24/7. Someone I need to seek permission for my whereabouts.  Someone who is half of me. Someone who is responsible for my deeds. I mean, all the closest people I know who know my ugliest side are my direct family whom I can’t break bond with. I’m giving myself to someone who has the power to break it off when the time is beyond bad. Divorce is real. I have cousins married for years, more than 15 years and they divorce. I’m giving myself to someone and I just feel so vulnerable. Do I sound freaked out and having cold feet? No, rest assured I’m cool but sometimes, in the middle of the night like this, thoughts like these played in my mind and they make me so nervous. Astafirullah. Relaxs ah. Aru nak kahwin, bukan suruh gi perang.

of the happy and tiring parts

When you have to prepare graduation performance,rushing to finish up Term 3 syllabus, complete portfolio for Term 3, 700 handwritten invitation cards to write, liaise with vendors, confirm itinerary, arrange fridge and stuff to deliver to your house, arrange bed to arrive, order cake, do up photo booth for your school, asked to come back to school half day even when your uncle passed away, do up invitation card for school event and feeling downright exhausted and stressed, you will somehow throw a slight tantrum and just want to cry. Like, you feel like you are in this alone. Im enjoying every moment of it but i tend to lose patience fast when I’m tired. Hmmm. must learn to control my emotions. Relaxs!! 🙂

Oh, yesterday we went for our outfits selection. Yeah! I love the baju. I choose traditional songket for the sanding. Still thinking nak pakai sanggul ke tak. Either sanggul or tiara. Nopez, no tiara for me.

I hate tiaras. No tiara for nikah please. Tapi, sanggul mcm so berat and stiff. I have 2 weeks to decide.

The appt was at 6pm because we don’t want to take any leave. Kiter lambat due to traffic, informed her and sampai 6.30pm. I select my baju nikah. A fast decision because the moment she showed me the baju, I totally love it and agreed.

Then, move on to the sanding. I wanted royal blue or rich purple songket in traditional cutting. But she don’t have them. The royal blue which I like is a mixture of lace and songket in modern and body-hugging cutting. Really pretty but not for me. Kinda confused and can’t make up my mind so we move on to the dress/gown. I wanted coloured gown/dress cos baju nikah dah putih. But, after looking at the coloured dresses, I was just not attracted to any of them. So, decided to have a white dress anyway.

I  told her I don’t want a tube dress because I find it ugly to wear long sleeve beneath it and the boobs will be prominent. So, tube dress eliminated walaupon I saw one which is soooo pretty!

Then, i said i prefer poofy/puffy/ballroom type of dress. Tapi, biler dah tengok mcm too much and too boring/common. She recommended a mermaid cut dress  in soft champagne/ivory colour woth flowers at the knee area. Hahahaha. Sorry for my lame descriptions.  Flowers on your knees?! Hahaha! But, the dress is pretty. It is a tube dress but the boobs area is not hard and structured. It is soft and the kain will follow your boobs shape which can easily be covered with the tudung. Maybe i will upload the gambar later or if you smangat, can look at her FB page. Look for tube mermaid dress with flowers at the knee.

 I told her earlier that i don’t like the raw look of white sleeve that girls wearing hijab wear underneath a tube dress. So, she paired the tube dress with a see-through lace cardigan. And I will wear a white sleeve beneath the cardigan. So, its white long sleeve then lace cardigan then tube dress then the tudung with veil. 🙂

I love the dress tapi mcm

takot it is too tight and my butt is so obvious cos it’s a mermaid cut. She said she will put on a long veil at the back so it will cover the butt. Nice! I love Ira because she listens to my concerns and does not belittle the. She does not make you feel like you are so leceh with all your requirements nor is she pushy. She asked me whether I trim or pluck my eyebrows and I said no then she said she will leave them alone. Sweetness kan. I know some mak andam bising if you refuse to allow her pluck and shape them.

So yeah, white baju nikah,  tradition turquoise/ teal songket for sanding and a white mermaid dress for cake cutting. In sha allah. I hope I look pretty. Hehehe. I’m vain like that. 🙂