of Updates


My sis will be giving us the chest that she used as the changing table. So, one more item saved. She is giving me a lot of baby’s stuff.  Alhamdulilah. She gave me a set of pacifiers because she bought a bottle for her son abeh ader pacifier in the pack. Hahhahaha! So weird to have pacifier as the first item for the baby. Actually, I bought an Arabic number poster when I was only 4-5 weeks pregnant. Tu pon because I was at the Islamic Book Fair. So, beli jer.

My sis already passed me some of her maternity clothes but I haven’t wear them since I can still wear my normal clothes. She will be giving us 2 cots, 1 chest, strollers and other stuff. Alhamdulilah. It is really a huge relief to get all these items because kiter tak payah susah2 nak research and look around. Knowing me, it will take foreverrrr for me to decide on 1 item. And, it is cute to use my nephew’s nyer barang. Like, some sentimental value like that. And, it saves us money! Hahahhaha!

Oh! I signed up for NUH antenatal class. Before this, I did not really think about it. Then, one of the moms in the forum shared this info. Since, the program is very comprehensive, affordable and the timing is convenient, might as well sign up for it. We will start the lesson on 20th September which is very same day as our 1st anniversary. Hahahhaha! Sweetness!

What else? Seriously, I’m quite free at work so mcm banyak time used for surfing the net. Opps! Hahahhaha. But, I still do my work and complete them on time what. Hehe!

I read reviews on breast pumps. I’m the sort of person who will really read, research and google before making a decision. I can’t go to a shop and randomly buy something without thinking through everything. So, that is what I have been doing. Reading reviews on breast pumps, watching Youtube videos on demonstrations, reading their websites, comparing prices etc.

After all this research, I think Medela Freestyle is my 1st option. Ni based on reviews and my preference jer. At the end of the day, still depends on the body’s compatibility. Even then, I’m still not sure and will not buy immediately. I will think about it. Sit on it. For months? Hahaha!

Annndddd, the contractor will be hacking the kitchen this Thursday. Oh yeah! Like, finally kan? We moved in Oct last year. Now, Aug, baru nak start on the kitchen. Oh well. Took foreverrrrrrr to find contractors, wait for quotes, wait for their replies.

Dah dapat contractors’ quote,s it took me forever to decide on the design and cabinet colour.

I finally choose white cabinet doors with wooden-looking counter top. No upper cabinets. The tile will be subway tiles with black grout. The cooker hob, hood and sink are black in colour. I hope it turn out well. In sha Allah. Ameen.


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